Travis Allen’s awkward “crony capitalist” past

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Travis Allen walks, talks, and sounds exactly like a tea party Republicanexcept he’s not.

This is awkward:

In October 2010, Allen gave $250 to California Sen. Barbara Boxer, $250 to the state Democratic Party and $1,000 to Brown. The donation to Brown was made in the name of the financial planning firm Allen owns, Wealth Strategies Group. All of the other contributions to Democrats were made in his own name.

Finally, in June 2011, Allen donated $500 to the campaign of Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Sherman Oaks, who made headlines this year for becoming the first member of Congress to introduce articles of impeachment against Trump.

Allen’s donations were t in 2004 -they were in 2010 and 2011…when conservatives were protesting the bank bailout, the stimilus, and Obamacare,  Travis allen was working against conservatives by funding the very people who voted for these policies.

Allen will say “it’s just business.” Just keep in mind that, when he asks you to “choose him” next year that he chose Boxer, Brown, Newsom, and Sherman…

…over you.


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  1. He went to events to hear speakers. Those “donations” were ticket prices. Many businessmen attend events to stay up on political/business happenings. Cox is an Illinois transplant that has given money to Soros funded PACS. Travis Allen has already proven himself in California with a strong conservative voting record.

  2. This article is BS. You’re not providing all the details. Shame on you. You’re working on getting a Democrat voted, that’s the full intention for this article. And people ate biting on this bad apple. Keep it honest you so called “reporter”.

  3. Wrong. What Nannette Furrer wrote is the truth. Funny how you left that out.

    Moving on to Cox…When will you write a blog about Cox donating to Soros? Or how about the fact that he’s against the border wall and voted for open borders Gary Johnson?

  4. Post
  5. Trump once supported & donated to Democrats including Hillary Clinton & now look at him! Travis Allen is the guy for California! Vote Travis Allen & let’s Take Back California!!!!

  6. Republicans need to get behind ONE candidate or we lose again. Gavin Newsome is just more of the same B.S.

  7. Stillernin,

    There is no chance of a Republican being elected California Governor this year. That said, it is essential (for Republicans) that a Republican makes it to the General Election.

    Without a Republican at the top of the ticket, there will be little incentive, except for the gas tax repeal, for Republicans to vote in November. That scenario spells disaster for Congressional and other down ballot candidates.

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