People always sit outside my house to use my unprotected wi-fi to create phony websites so they can blame them on me

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His wife Jessica and Councilman Ben Kalasho celebrate Independence Day

From the “Yeah, we believe that excuse” file, otherwise known as “I wuz framed”…

Reader: El Cajon Councilman allegedly framed by dirty tricks: Fake nudes, phony best-Mexican-food poll tied to Ben Kalasho

10News: Attorney: Evidence proves local councilman behind fake nude photos of beauty queen

East County Magazine: Kalasho’s wife admitted visiting friend In Cerritos, when the allegedly fake nude beauty queen photos were posted online from her friend’s home


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  1. How could voters elect a guy with a beauty pageant, a shady business record, an inflated ego, a stunning focus on the superficial, a volitile temperament, a dismissive attitude toward the media, and a shameless ability to continue a lie in the face of clear facts to the contrary?

    What kind of morons would trust such a person with the levers of political power?

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