The Role of Republican Lawyers

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As the John McCann, Chula Vista City Council election has shown, every vote counts in San Diego County elections.

The race has also shown the need (1) for poll observers to be present at every single precinct polling place in San Diego County and (2) that our Republican candidates need to have lawyers present during the primary and general elections and also in or around the Registrar of Voters thereafter to ensure the integrity of the election process.

To do the above, it is important for all Republican lawyers to participate in the electoral process in our county and to use their specialized drafting, advising, negotiation and if need be, litigation skills to help our candidates succeed through this process.

For the primary election in 2016, we at the San Diego Chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association need volunteer Republican lawyers, law professors and law students (1) to attend training sessions for poll observers put on by our group or by Ruth Weiss’s Election Integrity Project, (2) to be present at each percent polling station in San Diego County to prepare incident reports, if necessary, on mistakes by poll workers during the process and (3) to be available for consultation for candidates, their campaigns or for the Party in case such elections appear to be very close in the post-election counting, reconciliation and possibly the recounting process at the Registrar of Voters.

If any Republican lawyer, law professor or law student wishes to participate in this process, please contact me at or at 858-205-5091.

Together we can help our Republican candidates navigate through very confusing election laws and ensure the integrity of the California State electoral process.

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Berholtz is the president of the San Diego Chapter of the Republican National Lawyers Association


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