Politics Roundup for Monday, December 1, 2014

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The latest…

Rostra: The Role of Republican Lawyers

SDUT: SD’s in the political purple — Political notebook: San Diego likes Bush and Obama, a Busby challenge?

Voice: Firefight president says San Diego Is Paying Half Price for Quarter Service on Emergencies

SDUT: Donors raise cash for man who shouted at Ferguson protesters

Rostra: Apparent two-vote Thanksgiving victory for John McCann in Chula Vista

NBC7 Video: Chula Vista City Council Race Separated by 2 Votes

FlashReport: Today’s headlines from around the state

FlashReport: Yesterday’s Headlines from around the state

Voice: Morning Report for Today


A Thanksgiving Message from Assemblyman Jones

NBC 7: Altercation between candidate McCann and activist in Chula Vista“Petty Politics Sinking To A New Low?”

Rostra’s Barry Jantz: What’s next in the Chula Vista vote count?Counting complete, McCann and Padilla remain TIED

BreitbartCA: Coin Toss May Decide Next Elected Council Member in Chula Vista

Rostra’s Assemblyman Brian Jones: Contrasting California’s High-Speed Rail With the Transcontinental RailroadAre you kidding me?

LGBT Weekly: On to the 2016 elections! — Who’s looking at which seats?

SD Free Press: Are You Ready for the 2016 Political Shuffle in San Diego? — Where the Dems are looking.


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