The Fall of the Berlin Wall – 20th Anniversary

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From the CRP…
California Republican Party Commemorates 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and President Ronald Reagan’s Leadership
State Republican Party today releases video marking historic event

SACRAMENTO — Marking the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, the California Republican Party released a new video highlighting President Ronald Reagan’s key role in leading America to victory in the Cold War.

Republican organizations will commemorate the importance of the anniversary with special events, house parties and other functions throughout the state today and California Republican Party Chairman Ron Nehring issued the following statement:

“Twenty years ago today, the Berlin Wall was consigned to irrelevance because a Californian named Ronald Reagan demonstrated the leadership, commitment and perseverance necessary for liberty to triumph over tyranny.
“Millions of people ultimately contributed to victory in the struggle for freedom, and their efforts culminated on that evening two decades ago as the darkest scar on the map of Europe was suddenly rendered meaningless.
“Today, hundreds of millions of people in the former Soviet bloc are free – to travel, to live where they wish, to pursue their dreams.  Having experienced firsthand life under tyranny, it should be no surprise that the democratic governments of many of those former Soviet satellite states are today among America’s strongest allies in the ongoing cause of freedom.
“The legacy of California’s 33rd governor, and America’s 40th President, lives on today in the lives of people around the world and the free societies they continue to build.

The California Republican Party released a new video marking today’s anniversary.  The video will be shown at events around the state today and on the state party’s YouTube Channel, CRPTV

CRP Reagan Commemorative Video Marking 20th Anniversary of the Berlin Wall’s Collapse


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  1. By contrast, CBS’s “celebration” of German reunification last night was classic liberal boilerplate. There was the now hackneyed footage of fuzzy-faced youths hacking away at the concrete with hammers and chisels; they covered a joint visit to the site by Andrea Merkel and the wall’s last defender, Mikhail Gorbachev; and there was even a touching vignette about a pregnant East German girl who had risked everything to smuggle herself and her human contraband into the west and into freedom.

    All of this, but not a word about the American president who made it possible—the man who with four simple words caused the wall to fall—and in so doing, closed the coffin on the most deadly ideology in human history.

    The fortieth president’s crucial role in this epochal event is doubted only by revisionists. But then, that’s what the Fourth Estate has come to.

    Even the the Soviet Union’s early days, renowned journalists like Lincoln Steffens and the New York Times’ Walter Duranty wrote glowingly of the new regime, falsifying or ignoring completely the purges, gulags and enforced famines that would murder millions.

    In doing so, they helped establish a pattern of ideological blindness and willful self-deceit that is in our time, if anything, even more widespread than it was in theirs.

    So let us not feign surprise at the suppression of facts about an Army doctor’s obvious ties to radical Islam, nor at any of the other late-breaking, propagandistic, puff-pieces churned out today by our Orwellian press corp.

    They’ve had years of practice.

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