The closest races in San Diego County

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Just a snapshot of some of the closest contests in the region, as the Registrar of Voter’s office continues the count, now slogging through the last 15,000 county-wide ballots, many of them provisionals that take more work to confirm:

Only nine votes separate Nancy Orr and Rhea Stewart in the Cardiff schools race. But it’s the top two vote getters who win. This is solely about bragging rights!


Similar circumstances in Lemon Grove. Liana LeBaron and George Gastil will be the two new city council members (Gastil is returning to the council after being off a couple of years). Those twenty votes separating them may only dictate which one gets to be deputy mayor first.


Lemon Grove voters apparently like to make it interesting. Eight votes between Greg Shibley and April Leon for a school board seat.


In El Cajon, Michelle Metschel has slowly increased her lead over the last several days. Sixty-one votes sounds fairly close, but based on El Cajon’s population compared to the entire county and this seat being only one-quarter of the city, there are probably only 100 or 200 ballots left to count. You can call her Council Member Elect Metschel.


The grand daddy matchup for County Supervisor. Joel Anderson’s lead of 156 votes over Steve Vaus may sound like a lot, but that’s out of nearly 290,000 votes.

I’ve been tracking this one daily.


A true dogfight in Santee. (See my prior post.) Dustin Trotter leads Samm Hurst by six votes as the two compete to be a new council member. Trotter was behind on election night, he went into the lead earlier this week, the next day it was dead even, now he leads again. It will be a long weekend for these two, maybe even a long several more days.


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  1. Sunday 11/15…

    Joel Anderson now leads Steve Vaus by 187 votes in the District 2 County Supervisor’s race, 50.03 to 49.97 percent.

    Only 197 votes were added to the count in the race yesterday, Anderson getting 57.87 percent of those ballots.

    About 13,500 ballots are left to process countywide.

  2. Following Sunday evening update…

    Joel Anderson now leads Steve Vaus by 238 votes out of nearly 290,000 ballots cast in the District 2 County Supervisor’s race. Anderson got 58 percent of the 317 votes added to today’s count.

    About 11,000 ballots remain left to count throughout the region. Based on the last few day’s stats, about 1,300 to 1,350 votes remain in this particular race.

  3. I encourage who ever wins to work for the people and stop the idea that they can’t trust the gov or even their vote. What ever happened to loving your neighbor and being honest?

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