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Yesterday in the “Poway Chieftain” Newspaper (, there was a column titled “Viewpoint” (I’m sorry, but the paper doesn’t allow me to bring up the article for posting) in which the author made a comment regarding the free healthcare and reimbursement policies (including their retirement package with PERS) that members of the Poway City Council receive. Of course the fact is that pretty much all elected officials have a very sweet benefit package. It’s been said that the only way to bring in qualified people to run for office is to pay them well and to provide a nice benefit package. Of course, that excuse doesn’t even pass the laugh test. Somehow, we’re still in messes created by those politicians. I mean, you can’t always blame everything on Sacramento and Washington!

It’s interesting to note that these are the same politicians that question the pay and benefit package of government employees (I mean, how can you question their package when your package is quite bit sweeter???).

I have always been a supporter of part time politicians. Politicians should have a main job or be retired and drawing their benefits from in that way. We should not be funding their health or retirement as politicians.

Elected office should be for those wanting to really serve, not for those wanting better healthcare and retirement. That is why politicians should have a main job from which to draw their benefits.

While it would be a token gesture (not amounting to much), I challenge not just the Poway City Council, but all elected officials, at all levels, to terminate their various benefit packages. Maybe, that will keep them more in touch with the rest of us.


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  2. Local politicans’ benefits packages are indeed outrageous — but under the radar. Even the city of San Diego politicians in 2000 (many lame ducks a couple months from retirement) pass a last minute pension increase JUST FOR THEMSELVES. And they set it up so that they could start drawing a pension the day they retired!

    We’ve got ex-SD city council critters under age 45 drawing pensions, as a result.

    I LOVE this town!

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