Congressman afraid Guam will capsize

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Editor’s Note:  This post has been updated by Mr. Rider here…

In a hearing, Congressman Hank Johnson expresses his sincere concern that too many people on tiny Guam might cause the island to capsize. It’s worth three minutes out of your life.

Some apologists will try to excuse the Congressman because they think he is on drugs. But I consider that conjecture a scurrilous insult — to druggies everywhere.

This demonstration should give pause to those who look to Congress to run our lives. But it won’t.

Indeed, I’ll be interested to see how the MSM handles this. Thanks to the Internet, I think that they WILL have to report and show the incident.

BTW, an interesting sidelight is that the navy admiral answering the Congressman’s question of concern doesn’t choose to point out to the Congressman that Johnson’s concern is somewhat overblown. These wooden military testifiers before Congress — the leaders of our military — are too often pathetic toadies who dare not offend their mighty masters. I wish I had been that admiral!


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