Do I Smell a Sheep? Nope, It’s the Golden Fleece Finalists!

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Politics is sometimes known for its pungent smell. (Rostrafarian wits, I expect great things from the Comments section with this opening line). For 16 years, April showers have brought much more than May flowers to San Diego – they bring the San Diego County Taxpayers Association Golden Fleece Awards. Yes, there are Golden Watchdogs and Media Watchdog Awards too. But …

So a Socialist, a Fascist and a Reporter Walk Into a Bar… Part II

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Honestly, I was there last time and I can’t say I remember the punch line to that joke. But I can report this, Rostrafarians, it was fun. Big fun! If you know what’s good for you, and I think you do, you’ll join us this week for the second tweet-up with our good frienemies over at that “other” local political …

At 18-Months-Old, Will Rostra’s 5,000th Comment be Yours?


Since August of 2009, when SD Rostra launched, the site has been blessed with over 1,700 individual blog entries from our more than 50 contributors, covering a host of issues, opinions, rumors and breaking political news stories.  At this writing, exactly 4,976 comments have been posted as a result … and that’s just the legit ones, mind you. We don’t …

SD Rostra is Booming — New Monthly and Daily Highs in Site Traffic. 11,000 Unique Visitors in October. Thanks to Readers!

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In just 18 months, SD Rostra has steadily grown in popularity and readership.  We posted an all-time monthly high of over 11,000 unique visitors during October 2010, in the run-up to the 2010 elections.    We thank our readers for their loyalty, and for passing along our name and links to your friends and associates. Our site has a “meter’ that …

Alternate Weekend News Links

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Here are some added info sources for SD Rostra fans. Batting lead-off is Matt Potter, the best investigative reporter in San Diego… and the best this town has seen since the immortal Harold Keen in the 1960s and 1970s on Channel 8 and San Diego magazine. SAN DIEGO READER – Matt Potter NATIONAL REVIEW CHANNEL 10 NEWS HUMAN …

There’s Joy on Rostra – It’s Caption Contest Time!

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THIS JUST IN (Jan 25, 9:30 p.m.): Lani Lutar and the San Diego County Taxpayers Association have kicked in a ticket to its annual “Golden Fleece Awards” dinner as the prize for the winner of this contest. We thank Lani and SDCTA for this generous donation! Value of the ticket is $150. This dinner is THE not-to-be-missed event of the …

Issa the “New Sheriff” in D.C.?

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The Daily Beast brings us this little nugget in the sea of top lists of this or that: The Top 11 Politicians to Watch in 2011 (guess spotlighting 11 rather than 10 is a play on the year). And sliding into the No. 1 spot of this distinguished list: San Diego’s own Congressman Darrell Issa (R-Vista). Reason: He’s expected to …

TONIGHT: Post-Election Analysis with Consultant Hoy, Pollster Nienstedt

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I’m not exactly the most devoted GOP meeting attendee. But I’ll be there tonight to hear the recap of the wildly dead-on pollster John Nienstedt and Nov. 2 success-story consultant John Hoy. I had the honor of working with both men on Proposition A – which crossed the finish line easily with more than 70 percent of the vote. Conversely …

Vote! It Feels Good

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With Election Day two weeks away, I was intrigued by a North County Times article yesterday by Mark Walker on the changing campaign strategies used due to early and mail-in voting. The article reads: “Fully one-half of voters in San Diego County vote by mail while the number is near 40 percent in Riverside County. The shift is reshaping how …

Yes on A Gets Local, National Attention

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Not too often that you see a local proposition garner national media attention, but that’s just what the Yes on A camp snagged last week following a feisty debate on KPBS’s “These Days.”

Clinton 2012: Hillary a party wrecker?

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Not that I wouldn’t get the biggest kick out of seeing some flashy pant suits – which she Hillary-iously referred to as a the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits” (haha, oh my sides). I personally just can’t see her going through it all over again. Her husband, former President Bill Clinton faced off with Meet the Press host David Gregory …

Did Lorie Zapf’s Big victory surprise local Liberals? — Some were Flabbergasted !

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Last week I wrote a column about SD Rostra’s success in correctly predicting Upset victories in June by Juan Vargas and Lorie Zapf. Not very controversial, right? But a writer for a SD liberal publication attacked, saying (A) Zapf’s victory was no surprise, and (B) no one said she would miss the runoff and (C) we Rostrafarians were “Morons”. As …

Lessons from 2010 Primary …..Whose Polls can you Trust?

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In the last month before the June primary, Barry Jantz reported a poll showing a close race between Howard Wayne and Lorie Zapf in SD city council district 6. Soon after, I reported on polling which showed Juan Vargas leading Mary Salas outside SD County and would likely win the 40th senate Democratic primary. Barry Jantz took flack from some …

CityBeat: Election post-mortem

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Read yesterday’s take by SD CityBeat’s Kelly Davis on Tuesday night’s live blogging effort, which included participation by Rostrafarians Gayle Falkenthal and Barry Jantz… Last night, CityBeat tried something new: “live blogging” from election central and the W Hotel (where the Democratic Party was camped out, due to a labor boycott of Golden Hall). It got a little chaotic at … Live Blogging Election Night with SD CityBeat

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TONITE: Check out !!!!!! It’s a match made in … well, San Diego.  Rostra is hooking up, so to speak, with San Diego CityBeat for a live blogscan on Tuesday night, starting at 6 p.m. We may be Center-Right, the folks at CityBeat may like to call themselves Progressives, and they may even be full of turds on occasion …

A Recap on Rostra

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As partly noted in a comment by us yesterday… Let’s not forget what Rostra is…a mostly unedited and largely uncontrolled group of VOLUNTEER bloggers that write what they want and when they want, based on whether they have the time and interest at any one moment.  Each opinion is that of the author, individually, not collectively.  Collectivism is bad. There …

Please Comment Here on Senate District 36 Candidate Guest Columns

Guest Column Guest Column

All of the candidates have now submitted a guest column.  Click on the names below to get to each commentary. In the race to succeed Dennis Hollingsworth for State Senate, instead of reader discussion ensuing separately on each of the candidate commentaries, please enter your comments below this post.  Here are the individual links to the candidate guest columns…. Joel …

Frye: “I think that’s wonderful.”

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Not only were some people “taken” for a few seconds by our little April 1st fun of yesterday (some apparently longer than others, since they can’t read more than a short paragraph…DOH!), but Donna Frye appreciated the humor as well… From the UT: Is Frye Endorsing Roberts?

The Rules for Rostra – Part 2

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As noted previously, here you will find the general rules for comments: Additionally, questions have been asked about whether comments may be removed from a post for other than a violation of the stated rules, such as disagreeing with the author of a post or being someone the author doesn’t particularly like. Let’s make this clear for both the …