Competition Between Government and Private Businesses Saving Millions for S.D. Taxpayers and Neighborhoods

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Competition works — and is delivering results for San Diego. Today, San Diego City Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer joined Mayor Jerry Sanders and City Councilmember Todd Gloria to announce City employees won a bid against three private companies to provide street sweeping services to San Diegans. Freed up to compete with the private sector through the voter-approved managed …

City Council Approves Private Sector Competition for San Diego Landfill Operation

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Faulconer makes motion to save millions of dollars through managed competition “We should line up managed competitions like planes on the runway at Lindbergh Field.” This is a line Council President Pro Tem Kevin Faulconer is fond of using when stressing the importance of competition for City services. Today, the City Council gave clearance for another plane to take off …

First Managed Competition Results Will Save Taxpayers Over $1 Million

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I’m pleased to hear that the first managed competition results will save taxpayers over $1 Million.  Congratulations to the City print shop employees for winning the bid by streamlining their operation and reducing their costs by 30%. My hope is that other departments will follow the print shop’s lead and aggressively rethink service delivery through the managed competition process.   It …

City Hall and the Tea Party – 2011

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Dave Maass asked me earlier about what I thought the Tea Party would be watching locally in 2011. As the unofficial chief ideologist, I thought the question deserves an answer. (By the way, no one selected me, in a decentralized organization, people just do the job that needs to get done. Shared vision is the glue that keeps the Tea Party together, not a party organization.) Here is what we will be watching:

DeMaio, Faulconer and Business Owners Declare Managed Competition Deal Is “Unfair” and “Unworkable”

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City Leaders and Unions Set to Approve Deal that Effectively Kills the Voter-Mandated Fair and Open Competition Program Councilmember Carl DeMaio joined a national expert on managed competition and several local small business owners to outline numerous flaws in the proposed City Managed Competition Guide.  “The unions do not want to give up their monopolies at City Hall and this …