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Campaign season has officially begun, for me anyway, now that I have seen my first campaign yard sign. Who was the lucky candidate who opened this season of politics for me? Lorie Zapf, running for City Council in the 6th to replace termed out Donna Frye. Not the best sign, her name could be a little bigger, but decent enough and it gets the job done.

I saw her sign Saturday taking a shortcut between those rainy day errands, and since then I’ve seen about seven or eight more. I saw another gray and red sign, but couldn’t figure out what is was for without stopping. It will be a bit out of the way but on my way home today I’ll swing by and take a closer look unless someone already knows what it is for?

As it stands now I think that the 6th Council District race is the only partisan competitive seat in the county this time around. I know the race itself is “non-partisan”, but I mean the only competitive race where a Democrat and Republican could square off in November and either have a real shot at it. Unless I’m technically wrong aren’t all four Sheriff candidates Republican? That means San Diego won’t see any seats potentially change party hands unless Zapf wins, other than the statewide races that is.

Well, after a few days of rain it looks like the sunshine is back tomorrow.


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  1. I saw two Kim Tran for City Council signs on convoy street. One in the front window of the International restaurant and another at my coffee shop Broadway Coffee. Starting early I see.

  2. I’ve seen quite a few Kim Tran signs as well, especially in the businesses on Convoy street and on Clairemont. K’s Sandwiches has 3 signs, so I’m guessing they really like her there!

    I don’t recall seeing a Lorie Zapf sign, at least not yet. Then again, I haven’t been really paying attention to signs. I think Kim Tran’s name just stood out to me since I am Vietnamese…and I remember her name on the Republican ballot for state assembly during the last election.

  3. Ah yes, the perennial candidate Kim Tran. It will be interesting to see how much damage she can do to the other GOP candidates.

  4. I am not a regular visitor to this site. I thought you were looking for feedback on signs. I do remember Tran from last election. Hers is the only name I recognize from all the Candidates except for Howard Wayne. I know there are a lot of Vietnamese People in my neighborhood. Does she have a shot?

  5. Post

    I was looking for feedback, which is why I commented in return based on what you said, now we have what most people call “a discussion” on our hands. My opinion, her [lack of] qualifications as a candidate and poor fundraising/campaigning means she doesn’t have a shot at anything higher than fourth place.

    Her residual name identification from that Assembly run means she’ll almost certainly win a Central Committee seat again and she’ll definitely get a measurable amount of votes, but the real question is whether or not she will shave enough votes from Zapf to bring her down out of the top two and send the two Democrats into the runoff without the endorsed Republican candidate.

  6. I do notice that there are three Republicans and four Democrats running. I thought the purpose of primaries was to allow the voters to determine the most qualified candidates. I saw that Frye’s Chief of Staff, Hadley is running against Howard Wayne who is the endorsed Democrat candidate. I think that the various Parties should be able to field attractive candidates that can overcome same party challengers. Wayne and Zapf have the money and the support of their Parties and should be able to overcome any challengers. If not, maybe the Party should have recruited a candidate who could overcome challengers. Anyway, I love to see an immigrant running as a conservative. It goes a long way to dispel the charge that the Republican Party is the good old boy Party and is truly big tent. Oh, and I did see a Huckabone sign this morning.

  7. Post

    That is the purpose of most primaries, the city however in political reality, does work slightly different because of the “non-partisan” free-for-all style in city races. Really in the city races it comes down to what type of win you want, do you want a “moral win” where we encourage everyone to run in the rah rah shake hands and kiss babies styles, or an actual win so the unions don’t control the City Council.

    I remember in the 2008 primary elections for the two contested council races the Republicans totaled over 50% of the vote, enough to secure an actual win outright in June, but because in each race there was only one Democrat but more than one Republican running the contest extended to November and both Republicans lost. Think about it, we now have union shill Marti Emerald as a City Councilwoman because two disgruntled Republicans wanted to make a stand, together grabbed 5% of the total vote and pinned a City Council candidate against the coattails of Obama. At the end of the day neither Tran or this new guy, Huckabone, have a shot at winning anything more than their own self-righteous moral victory of “we gave it a shot and did our best”. Sure it is great to have a non-stereotypical field of energized candidates, but at what cost? The only thing either Tran or Huck could succeed in doing is helping to put a Democrat in office…how honorable and admirable of them.

  8. Seems logical, but I do remember Nathan Fletcher running unopposed several years ago and I figured there must have been many wanting to run for that open seat. I would think the party leaders intervened in that and similar situations to assure victory. Does the leadership of the county Parties have that little control or influence and if Zapf is the best Candidate you would think they would be able to convince the other Republicans to bow out.

  9. There a Huckabone sign in front of the marijuana shop on Linda Vista Road. Does this mean he goes to the ‘head’ of the line? I guess he has the “Cheech & Chong” vote locked up. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.

  10. I went shopping at the market at Linda Vista and Ulric Street and saw at least 7 Tran signs in different business windows. She also had one at the Pharmacy on Ulric. I guess Tran is shooting for the legitimate Pharmaceutical market.

  11. Well, if the number of signs in people’s yards and businesses and the number of enthusiastic Kim Tran supporters I’ve run in to is an indicator of campaign effectiveness, Kim Tran is doing A LOT better than Lorie Zapf.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Kim Tran beat Lorie Zapf and got second in the primary, without the official republican endorsement?

  12. Tran has a lot of residual name identification from her 2008 run at State Assembly and could easily create a situation where two Democrats are the top two. If Tran mounts a campaign she won’t overcome Zapf and Hadley, but she certainly could be the difference in which of those two Wayne faces in the general.

    As far as this overwhelming wave for Tran, I just don’t buy it. I drive through the district all the time, various ways, and I’m seeing a lot of Zapf and a good amount of Huckabone signs, but not Tran signs. Zapf lists most Asian community groups as endorsers, so maybe Tran peaked early with her residual.

  13. It’s interesting to see whose signs are going up, as an indicator of some level of activity, yet the amount of time spent here discussing the importance of signage may be directly proportional to the inordinate amount of time most candidates spend obessed with that aspect of their campaigns, instead of focusing on direct voter contact and the other things that really win an election. Just my opinion. Signing off.

  14. I understand why a candidate would focus the sign coverage because it would seem to be a direct corollary of the effectives of the walking campaign. I owned a business for many years here is San Diego and I never placed a political sign in the window. I thought it would alienate customers. I would imagine any business owner willing to do so must indeed be very passionate about the candidate. Small business owners are generally well regarded in the community and I would think all the candidates would seek their support because it would likely carry a lot of weight with voters. I too want a republican in that seat, and while I do not know the inner workings of things political; I think someone should have told Tran she could not win because from all appearances she seems to believe she can. I must also admit that I do love a good David v. Goliath story.

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