Lincoln Club Endorses Bill Gore in SD Sheriff’s Race

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San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore received the endorsement of The Lincoln Club of San Diego County for his candidacy in the race for San Diego County Sheriff.

In a news release issued today, Tom Sudberry, Chairman of the Lincoln Club’s Board of Directors, said Gore’s proven record of leadership and managerial skills qualify him as the best candidate for the job.

“Bill Gore has demonstrated his good judgment and considerable skills on the job every day for over 30 years in increasing positions of responsibility,” said Sudberry. “He has delivered on strategic objectives throughout his career, first with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and now with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.”

“Sheriff Gore is a true professional, a natural leader with experience at many levels. We cannot afford to train someone on the job. The Sheriff oversees more than 4,000 employees and must manage an annual budget of $571 million, not an easy assignment in tough economic times,” concluded Sudberry.

Read the rest of the release here.

Lincoln Club President & CEO T.J. Zane let the cat out of the bag about the endorsement while appearing on “The Rick Amato Show” last Thursday night with guest host Barry Jantz.

Gore’s visibility quotient has been raised exponentially over the past week due to his media appearances in connection with the Chelsea King and Amber Dubois cases. Whether these help him or backfire will all depend on how these cases proceed before election day.

Gore is sure to make it to the general election in November. The big question is who he will face: Jim Duffy, backed by the peace officers’ unions; Bruce Ruff, who says he represents the rank and  file and claims to be the biggest proven vote getter in the race since he’s run several times as the lone opponant to retired Sheriff Bill Kolender; and Jay LaSuer, who’s got the conservative and Second Amendment vote locked up.  It’s a toss-up at this point.


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