SDUT Watchdog: Hunter used campaign funds to finance multiple affairs, prosecutors say

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From the detailed SDUT article by Jeff McDonald…

“The 12-page motion filed Monday contains multiple examples of Hunter engaging in affairs and allegedly using political contributions to finance them.”


“The prosecutors’ motion to admit evidence of Hunter’s alleged infidelity said they tried to work with Hunter to avoid publicizing his alleged indiscretions. Specifically, they asked him to stipulate to certain behavior so they would not have to disclose the details of the spending outlined in the filing Monday.”


“The same motion concluded with a reference to other ‘potentially sensitive’ conduct unrelated to his intimate relationships, saying Hunter may admit to those indiscretions in order to keep them confidential.”

Read the entire article.


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  1. This isn’t new information. This story says more about the sad state of the SD-GOP than it does about Hunter himself.

    Crooked and immoral politicians come and go with an all too regular frequency. That’s not shocking.

    What is shocking is that this particular crooked and immoral politician (allegedly) was exposed and still enjoyed the support of the local party machine in the last election. The local GOP is a shining example of the national Republican zeitgeist: win at all costs. Forget about what’s right or moral. Just win, baby. If we have to undermine democracy itself with absurd gerrymandering, or closing polling stations in urban neighborhoods, or supporting a thief and a cheat (allegedly)—so be it.

    And before you bring up Filthy Filner, remember that it was his long-time supporters, financial backers, and staff in the Democratic Party that brought him down and forced him out the door.

    Maybe this works in the short term. But in the long term, voters who hold themselves to high personal standards of conduct will have increasing difficulty aligning their values to those of the party—even if they agree on policy.

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