SDUT: Election shake-up in San Diego bodes well for envisioned $177 billion rail expansion

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Bodes well? That’s the Union-Trib headline anyway.

The sub-headline also says, “With a high-speed rail proposal headed for a ballot-box showdown, some Republicans vow to block the needed tax hike”

One of them is former State and County GOP Chairman Ron Nehring, recently elected to the Crest/Dehesa/Harbison Canyon/Granite Hills Planning Group. You can read his comments in the story linked below.

Nehring also told Rostra, “SANDAG is targeting everyone in a single family home, or that drives their car or truck to work. Their fever dream is everyone lives in a cramped box above a transit center. For everyone who doesn’t want to live that way, SANDAG will make your life more expensive and as miserable as possible.”

Read the SDUT story here…
Election shake-up in San Diego bodes well for envisioned $177 billion rail expansion


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  1. Thanks for posting this story. It’s important for everyone to know just what SANDAG has in store for us unless they are stopped: Much higher density housing, combined with making life even more expensive for those who choose to live in a single family home and drive to work. When “congestion pricing” was introduced on I-66 outside of Washington, it debuted with a toll price of $34.50 for a one way trip.

    The left can’t get their way without coercing San Diego’s middle class into living in cramped little boxes above “transit centers.” The wealthy of course will be able to continue living in their homes in La Jolla or Rancho Santa Fe, while the squeeze is put on everyone else.

    Their vision: take a bike to work, or take a bus to a train to another bus to work. That is SANDAG’s coercive utopian vision.

    People should have the freedom to live how they want to live without government coercion. If people want to live in an apartment, or a condo, or a duplex, or a single family house, let people have that freedom. SANDAG’s vision is to use the power of the state to force people into housing they would not otherwise choose.

  2. It’s OK…the Covid vaccine will make it perfectly safe to be jammed into public transportation…until the Chinese release the next one. Do they never learn?

  3. During the 1964 Worlds Fair, my brother and I rode the NYC MTA to and from, and I lived in NYC until the graffiti and gratuitous subway violence made me move to Boston (because on the MBTA, no graffiti/no violence). Today, from my Ranch house in RSF, I can walk (or bike) to the RSF Village Church, board the 308 bus from Solana Beach that goes to Escondido transit center (change of drivers/pit stop?), thence to my ‘country house’ at Pauma Valley Country Club — for a few bucks — (like the workabees who do this daily commute) — great convenience — bus/rail transit works — with a little planning I know people who can bus to Solana Beach transpo center and take the Coaster to the airport — my only points are — please keep improving “mass transit” and don’t spend money widening I-5 or I-15 because, as the author points out, “congestion pricing” tolls are the inevitable result — and “mass transit” can complement the rural (walk to town on a horse trail) lifestyle, if not for everyone.

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