San Diego Democrats Request Recount, Suspect Election Fraud

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Yesterday, the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party, Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, sent a letter to Michael Vu, the Registrar of Voters of San Diego County. In that letter, he requested a recount for the District 4 Election for Santee City Council.

Mr. Rodriguez-Kennedy first asked to see all of the rejected mail-in ballots and provisional ballots, including the ballot envelopes which held them. He believes that a portion of those ballots can be validated and should be added to the election canvass. He also wants to inspect all of the damaged or “remade” ballots (sometimes called “cured” ballots) and wants to match them up to the precinct voter rolls. Finally, he requests the “raw data” (rather than proprietary reports) for the voter database, ballot envelopes, polling place logs, surveillance video recordings, chain of custody logs, and logs for election-related storage areas while the Registrar performs a full-hand recount of all the ballots.

Does the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party suspect election fraud? Of course, or he wouldn’t be asking to inspect all the source material he requested. When I asked him if he suspected fraud, he replied:

“We are aware that there are a number of uncounted ballots that I have directed to be reviewed and in an election this close it is reasonable to recount and assure people of the strength of our electoral process.”

Bravo Mr. Rodriguez-Kennedy! I agree! WAS there election fraud in San Diego County? Absolutely. When so many voters cast mail-in ballots for which “ballot harvesting” is permitted, there will be fraudulent ballots. We have been told by Democrats for over a decade now that mail-in ballots are 100 percent safe. Yesterday, they started singing a different tune.

Mr.  Rodriguez-Kennedy is absolutely, positively correct — this is a close election and the propensity for election fraud was heightened this year. The Registrar should perform a recount in which the video surveillance, voter rolls, and mail-in ballots are inspected, re-inspected, and counted by hand… in the presence of representatives from each campaign and the local Democratic and Republican parties.

The legislatures of Arizona, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Nevada should do the same thing for the Presidential elections in those states … this time without denying the election observers full access to every single ballot, to be inspected for its validity and while it is counted.

Donald Trump won this election. Joe Biden’s team cheated. Everyone knows that election fraud was rampant in 2020... just ask the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party.


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  1. Human error is different than fraud. Full stop.

    A five-vote difference is different than losing by tens of thousands of votes. Full stop.

  2. Suck a nut “brain” brady.. stop with this nonsense the orange man lost again !! We don’t want don the con! Twice has lost the popular vote he a loser!

  3. Post

    @HQ Then why ask for “voter database, ballot envelopes, polling place logs, surveillance video recordings, chain of custody logs, and logs for election-related storage areas” ?

    There is only one reason to ask for that material; a suspicion of fraud

    I think we are a little tired of liberals calling “Full Stop” when anyone questions (as the Chairman of the San Diego Democratic Party puts it), the “credibility and fairness of our electoral system”. I am pretty certain that screaming “It’s settled” will work in this Presidential Election Heist but that sort of crap ain’t gonna fly moving forward.

  4. @HQ Then why ask for “voter database, ballot envelopes, polling place logs, surveillance video recordings, chain of custody logs, and logs for election-related storage areas” ?

    All to check for any human error that might overturn a five-vote margin.

    At least 40 courts, with mostly Republican appointed judges (and recently justices, three appointed by this President) have ruled there was no evidence sufficient to overturn the Presidential election. In fact, the campaign’s attorneys, while tweeting about fraud and giving press conferences about fraud, have not pleaded fraud in court. Why? Because you can lie with impunity in a tweet or in a press conference, but lying in court is a felony.

  5. Asking for a recount of an election decided by less than a dozen votes is not stating there was fraud.
    I know that Trump voters think this sort of cleverness is a sign of their intelligence – trying to compare a challenge to a Santee city council race with the election of an American President – but in reality (a place most Trump cultists try to avoid) the real problem is a Trump-Limbaugh-Bannon-Duke fueled childishness to admit your guy lost.
    Joe Biden beat Trump by over 7-million votes and every Republican appointed Justice of the Supreme Court confirmed this fact.
    So now it’s time to dry your eyes with your Confederate Flag; say a prayer for your soul’s patriotic salvation to our Lord Jesus Christ (the greatest Liberal of all-time); and read the Constitution of the United States with the same enthusiasm and attention to detail that you read the Drudge report and National Enquirer.
    Joe Biden beat Donald Trump.
    The election is decided.
    The people have spoken.
    Put on a mask and be a patriot

  6. Republicans should take a very large lesson from all of this. Quite simply, we are the party of integrity and because of such, have been burying our collective heads in the sand as regards voting integrity. Years ago the Voter Integrity Project banged the gongs and told us this was coming, but we poo-pooed them, labeled them crackpots and went on our merry way. Although I doubt Trump will be successful, he is showing us the way ahead. Mimic the Democrats and fight every step of the way for every single thing. When a “motor voter” registration shows up for an illegal, raise holy hell and go to court. When we suspect Democrats are illegally influencing seniors at group homes, get the evidence and go to court. Tammany Hall still exists, just in a different form and we need to do two things….admit it and fight against it.

  7. Brian,
    It appears some readers are so caught up in their own passions, they really fail to see the obvious point.

  8. T.A.,

    If the obvious point is that we have never had a perfect election because they are administered by human beings, I think we all see that. If the obvious point is that these imperfections may have affected a five-vote difference but undoubtedly didn’t effect tens of thousands of votes in six different states, I think we see that too.

  9. Tanis you’re a moron…
    Mr Brian Brady has made a clear point. You call him names. As soon as a socialist starts calling names….you lost. I say let the vote stand and be done with it. You have no connection to Santee anyway. And since there is no fraud as stealocrats have said… your own crap.

  10. Yes, Biden may well have won without the voter fraud. But what the Democrats want (including all those posting here) is to squelch any INVESTIGATION of voter fraud.

    CLEARLY there’s been widespread voter fraud by Democrats. HOW widespread is a separate matter. No matter how isolated or extensive, it SHOULD be investigated and — if found to be true — prosecuted.

    Democrats vehemently oppose such investigations. “Move along, move along — nothing to see here.”

    Does anyone think Biden ET AL will pursue investigations into these systematic criminal acts? Not a chance in Hell.

  11. Richard,

    “(Voter fraud) SHOULD be investigated and — if found to be true — prosecuted.”

    I agree 100%!

    But what the Democrats want (including all those posting here) is to squelch any INVESTIGATION of voter fraud.

    I can only speak for myself, but that is absolutely false! To date, however, no investigations, including the one ordered by Attorney General Barr, have found any widespread fraud, certainly not enough to overturn this election.

    We should always investigate criminal wrongdoing, but we should also be honest enough to point out the difference between human error and intentional criminal wrongdoing. We should be willing to agree that no election has ever been “perfect.” We should also be willing to accept when our chosen candidate does not win. And yes, after quickly going through all the stages of grief, I accepted that President Trump did in fact win the 2016 election, another election that was “not perfect.”

  12. Trump botched his chance to win the 2020 election by blatantly mishandling the Covid-19 pandemic. Why is that so hard for Trump and his pathetic enablers to understand?

  13. Richard,

    “CLEARLY there’s been widespread voter fraud by Democrats.” That type of statement works well on a blog but not so well in a court of law.

    U.S. District Court Judge Diane Humetewa said it much better than I could in her ruling dismissing yet another election challenge:

    “Allegations that find favor in the public sphere of gossip and innuendo cannot be a substitute for earnest pleadings and procedure in federal court.”


    Yep, an Obama appointee. Remember him? You know, the guy of “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. If you like your plan, you can keep your plan,” and Benghazi was due to a video. That Obama.

    It’s a simple fact…Republicans appoint Constitutionalists to the federal bench while Democrats appoint those who emulate themselves…which means in most cases you can’t trust Democratic appointees to be unbiased any further than you can throw them.

  15. Louis,

    From TRUMP-APPOINTED judge Stephanos Bibas:

    “Charges of unfairness are serious. But calling an election unfair does not make it so,” Bibas wrote in a 21-page ruling dismissing a lawsuit that sought to stop the certification of Pennsylvania’s voting results. “Charges require specific allegations and then proof. We have neither here.”

    As for Judge Humetewa, She was confirmed on a 96-0 vote and was only submitted for consideration after approval by Arizona’s Republican senators McCain and Flake.

  16. Hypo,

    Hope you don’t mind if I correct a typo….”…after approval by Arizona’s RINO senators McCain and Flake.”

    Also, I’ll call the Supreme Court and tell that they can save us all some money by disbanding because all we really need are lower courts….where Democrats/liberals can cherry pick quotes.

    Oh, and if you thought your ilk was ok in “resisting”….just wait. What’s good for the goose….

  17. Post

    “Oh, and if you thought your ilk was ok in “resisting”….just wait.”

    Indeed. The only difference is that we won’t be burning banks and setting cop cars on fire. Civil disobedience is on the menu. The slogan for conservatives will be 4 words: “We refuse to comply”. Let’s start on April 15.

  18. Louis,

    Maybe we could have saved some money:

    From Fox News: “Supreme Court rejects Texas, Trump appeal over election results in four other states”

  19. 59 times.

    We are a nation of laws and of the constitution.

    Part of that Constitution charges the judicial branch with interpreting our Constitution, and applying both laws and the circumstances of a particular case to it.

    When there is a dispute about law or Constitution, they are the referees—per the Constitution itself.

    59 times judges have rejected claims of widespread voter fraud.

    Actually, that’s not exactly true. Because when pressed, as an officer of the court, lawyers like Rudy Guliani were compelled to admit that their case offered zero substantiated claims of fraud. They only make that claim outside of court to cameras, where they can’t be sanctioned for specious and unsubstantiated hackery.

    You can say you disagree with a judge.

    But you cannot say that you support the Constitution, and that we are a nation of laws, and that 59 times in courts on all levels, in many states, appointed by both Republicans and Democrats—that you reject their judgement en masse and substitute your own.

    At that point you are not a constitutionalist.

    You are an autocratic Anti-constitutionalist, and a cult member.

  20. Louis,

    Here’s another Fox News poll for you:

    The key finding is that more than half of Republicans will support or give President Biden a chance:

    “Among Republicans, 58 percent will support or give Biden a chance, while 41 percent say that’s never going to happen. For voters who backed President Donald Trump, it is 52 percent support/chance vs. 46 percent never.”

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