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“More disturbing, however, was the mayor’s shocking lack of basic knowledge about how his office functions alongside other civic organizations.”

From Michael Rosen at San Diego News Room

Filner’s Follies: Ignorance, More Than Disrespect
Written by Michael M. Rosen
Friday, 11 January 2013

Well that was interesting.

Newly-installed San Diego Mayor Bob Filner capped off an exciting week with a policy decision that essentially conceded his ignorance and wrong-headedness, in that order. Indeed, if this last week showed anything, it’s that San Diegans have far more to fear from Filner’s lack of competence than his lack of respect; we should worry more about what Filner doesn’t know than what he does do. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The adventures began at the City Council meeting on Tuesday, when Filner tangled with Council President Todd Gloria, a putative liberal ally, along with an assistant city attorney over their respective appointment powers.

Filner insisted that he and he alone could present committee nominations to the Council. “In my belief,” Hizzoner declared, “the mayor has the authority to appoint the SANDAG representatives subject to council confirmation.”

Gloria and the assistant city attorney, however, contended that in the case of SANDAG, the mayor and the council president have traditionally presented nominations jointly. But Filner, not to be outdone, accused Gloria of asking “a phony question” and the city of attorney of providing advice that was “not usually right.”

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