SD Rostra’s Remarkable Fast Start, as We Lap the Local Competition

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Since it opened for Business on September 1st, “SD Rostra” has set some kind of record for a new San Diego political blog.

20 bloggers have begun work, putting up a total of 74 posts on the widest range of topics: Local, Regional, State and National.

Now let’s compare all that activity to the leading San Diego-based Democrat blog sites over the same period.

Since September 1st, the “Blue San Diego” blog has had FOUR posts… not 4 bloggers, a TOTAL of four posts in 6 weeks! A  2nd local liberal site, SD Politico, has done a little better: FIVE total posts in the last 6 weeks.

This is another sign that the ENERGY and enthusiasm are on this side of the political divide. Give yourselves some credit, my fellow posters, we are Lapping the Field. Please Keep up the Good Work!


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  1. “…Since September 1st, the “Blue San Diego” blog has had FOUR posts… not 4 bloggers, a TOTAL …”

    In their defense, they have countless minions, collude and pollute all the local newspaper & TV station blogs. After all, the public doesn’t read this or care, just the hard case & party wacktivists anyway.

    If it weren’t for Rostra, we’d have no place to speak at all…unless you want to whisper into a shouting room.

    If spreading the fame is the goal, try spreading the party and engaging a larger population–something flash & red county have ignored.

    Perhaps inviting Twitter blogs to funnel towards this site for a less convoluted and more organized discussion might be helpful in corraling folks in the area to congregate here.

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