Poll Finds Obama-Nobel Peace Prize Decision Unpopular in San Diego

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According a new SurveyUSA poll, San Diegans did not warmly welcome the news last Friday that President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize. Fielding responses from 500 adults in San Diego County, SurveyUSA found that 52% of area residents did not agree with the decision to award Obama the Prize. Those opposed include 72% of registered Republican voters, 22% of registered Democratic voters, and 67% of Decline to States. Only 39% agreed with the decision.

The poll, which was sponsored by KGTV 10 News, also revealed that San Diegans were split as to the award’s effect on America’s image in the world. Though 37% of county residents believe it will improve our nation’s standing, 41% stated it would have no effect, and 18% thought it would damage our image.

The poll can be found online here.


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