Sanders lied about critical need for Prop D sales tax

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters 4 Comments


Was Mayor Sanders Lying About Critical Need for Prop D Sales Tax?

Short answer — HELL YES!


Authored by Richard Rider

San Diego — It was just three weeks ago that San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders was running carefully orchestrated “town hall meetings” around the city — threatening citizens with death and destruction if we did not approve Prop D — the city sales tax increase.

The frowny faced police chief and fire chief each dutifully stood before audiences and announced inevitable dramatic personnel and service cutbacks if the sales tax didn’t pass. Doomsday was upon us.

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  1. There is nothing in Rider’s “support” that actually backs up the assertion that the mayor lied during the Prop D campaign. All the potential cuts that were listed in the U-T story are still very real possibilities. Nothing has changed since that story was written.

    While the press release focuses on efforts the mayor will make to minimize cuts, it hardly suggests steep cuts can be avoided. In fact, at Friday’s press conference, the mayor said point blank: “Let me be very clear: There will be cuts, and there will be layoffs.” When asked by a reporter if public safety cuts were still on the table, the mayor said they were: “Public safety is not off the table. When it’s 50 percent of the budget, we have to look at that. I’ll certainly try to minimize the impact, but there’s going to be impacts.”

    So how can you say the mayor lied? The $73 million we need to balance the budget didn’t go away simply because the voters said they didn’t want to contribute more to fill the gap. We’ve identified MAYBE a couple million dollars of cuts that will impact only a small fraction of residents, but no one has pulled any rabbits out of the hat yet, friends.

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