San Diego Mayor’s Race Part 2

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It looks like the establishment candidate for Mayor will be Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher. Gossip downtown says that Fletcher has secured the support of Mayor Jerry Sanders, and that he is talking to the Mayor’s political consultant, Tom Shepard. It’s also circulating that Fletcher and DA Bonnie Dumanis have an understanding that if he runs (which looks certain) she will not, and that she will endorse him.

Currently there are four likely candidates in the race for Mayor: Fletcher, Councilman Carl DeMaio, Councilman Kevin Faulconer, and business man Steve Francis. All four are Republicans, and all four could to an extent be considered conservative (particularly when compared to the current Mayor). That leaves quite a bit of room on the Democrat side of the field for one of the four to attract voters, but more likely an actual Democrat candidate will run. Congressman Bob Filner, now deep in the minority in Congress, is still considering a run, as he has been for decades.


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  1. Fletcher is used to raising most of his money as corporate money. Now he’ll have to raise it in personal money, via the city rules.That’s a big change. Also I’ve got to think that Fletcher and Faulconer will share a large number of donors, which might make raising enough money to go on tv hard for both.

  2. Fletcher is a conservative?! He’s a Sanders clone that will fit perfectly with the Mayor’s downtown only agenda.

  3. I do not consider any of the above a conservative, however Steve Francis probably has more business sense than the rest combined. But does anyone know where he stands on anything? How many times has he re invented himself?

    The best and most qualified candidate for mayor in San Diego and the one who could most turn the City around is unelectable in San Diego. San Diego will suffer through again with another in-effective mayor no matter who runs and who is elected. The City is owned and operated by the Union which means they will never get their priorities in order until the voters wake up if that is even possible.

  4. Does anyone know Sanders’ approval rating? It seems to me that it’s dropped. Is he on track to go out like Arnold? If so, wouldn’t it be better for candidates – Fletcher or whoever else – to distance themselves from Sanders?

  5. I’m not impressed with Fletcher at all to date. His late night “porkfest” is embarrassing. It also seems like he wants to be Mayor as nothing more than a stop on his way to higher office. That’s not what we need. San Diego needs a fiscal guru who is willing to cut through the budget like a knife through butter. To me, that person is DeMaio.

    It will be interesting to see if others jump in the race, I hope so.

  6. The key to GOP Establishment support is a commitment to spend big (taxpayer) bucks on downtown San Diego construction projects — the convention center, the downtown library (where in 2011 we will come up millions short on funding), the new unneeded city hall and, of course, a new Charger stadium. It appears that Fletcher has made that commitment, and, if so, the corporate money will flow.

    What? Corporations can’t contribute? No problem. The IE (independent expenditure) campaign option bypasses that roadblock. Just ask the labor unions!

    It’s likely that Kevin Faulconer will also make (or has made) such a commitment. Steve Francis is less likely t do so, though he has changed his positions before. Of course, Carl DeMaio is the most circumspect of such spending — especially out of the beleaguered city general fund.

    Throw in a labor-backed Democrat (assuming they don’t opt for Fletcher), and it’s gonna be a fascinating mayoral race in our fiscally crippled city.

  7. Personally, I’d like to know if Donna Frye is going to run again. She’s shown she can win, and would have been our mayor had her write-in votes counted. If she’s again pitted against a field of Republicans she’d decimate ’em. She’s also shown she’s got an open mind and strongly supports open government. She has also shown she’s not flunky for the down-town special interests and wouldn’t support corporate welfare, like for the Chargers. While I do not agree with her position on tax increases, that’s not a problem as any tax increase she might support would be easily overthrown by the voters. At least she’s honest, and that’s more than can be said for any other mayor we’ve had for the last 20 years…especially including the last two clowns.

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