McDonalds gives customers fliers on Latino scholarships – DREAM Act?

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A San Diego McDonald’s® has been handing out college scholarship information fliers published in English/Spanish for Latino customers informing them of the scholarship opportunities for Hispanics the Golden Arches offer each year.

The RMHC/HACER division of McDonald’s® is a scholarship program directed towards Hispanic students. The website indicates that more than 14,000 Latinos have been awarded scholarships, assisting in Hispanic students’ quest to obtain a college degree.

This well-know program offers money to be used for college and is geared specifically towards those with a Latino background. This program also debunks a myth that Hispanic students have no resources for college if they come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

The scholarship program has been helping Latinos achieve a college education since 1985, and the king of the Happy Meals has awarded more than $20 million in scholarships to Hispanic students.

The college scholarships start at $1,000 and four students are awarded $100,000 each year to earn their college degree. The company says students are chosen based on their academic achievement, financial need and community involvement.

According to McDonalds, the applicant must be a legal U.S. resident, a high school senior, have one Latino parent and be eligible to enroll a higher education college or a vocational/technical school.

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