Rostra Rocks!…at SD Press Club Awards

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San Diego Rostra took home first place as the Best Topic Based Blog at Tuesday night’s San Diego Press Club Annual Excellence in Journalism Awards ceremony, with our own Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, the Libertarian Lass, raking in a number of awards.

Here are the awards for SD Rostra, the Little Red Contraption…

Websites Category

  • Topic Based Blog — San Diego Rostra — FIRST PLACE
  • Topic Based Blog — Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, “The Libertarian Lass,” San Diego Rostra — SECOND PLACE

Daily Newspapers and Websites Category

  • Column Writing — Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, the Libertarian Lass, San Diego Rostra — FIRST PLACE

Daily Newspapers and Websites Category

  • Humor — Gayle Lynn Falkenthal, “The Libertarian Lass,” San Diego Rostra, “Lighten Up, Francis!”– THIRD PLACE

Of course, we are hugely proud of our first place win as a topic-based blog, but we would be remiss if we didn’t note that Gayle’s first place win as a columnist for SD Rostra was in competition with every San Diego area newspaper and website that has a regular columnist.  Second and third place in the category both went to newspapers with full time paid journalists.

“Many thanks to the judges,” said Gayle as she held her swag, “These awards came just in time. These swell first place plaques will make excellent flotation devices, which should come in handy the next time I’m at the beach,” a joking reference to a recent column not particularly appreciated by local lifeguards.

“I’d be remiss,” she continued, “if I didn’t thank all the dunderheaded elected officials, policy makers and the voting public who offer up a never-ending supply of inspirational, infuriating and endlessly amusing subject matter.”

Gayle also won awards for her work with San Diego Bargain Mama and KCBQ Radio’s The Rick Amato Show.  The Press Club news release reads, “Among multiple award winners … San Diego columnist and KCBQ radio talk host Gayle Lynn Falkenthal received four firsts, one second and one third place, and was the only competitor to win first place for three different media organizations in both online print and traditional broadcast competition.”

It should finally be noted that SD Rostra continues to operate without money, paid writers, or professional marketing, making us even more proud to be recognized by the San Diego Press Club for our efforts.

A huge congratulations to the team at SD Rostra … and especially to Gayle Falkenthal for her big night.  Please join me in providing her hearty kudos!


Full list of SD Press Club winners.

The Libertarian Lass Column – by Gayle Falkenthal

“Lighten Up, Francis!” – by Gayle Falkenthal


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  1. Barry and Gayle:

    We’ve been called “Nutters” and “Liars” by some,
    but tonight they can kiss our Rostra Trophies and
    just call us, “Award-Winning” !

  2. Bob, thanks, although I would love to take credit, I am just one of a handful of folks that put SD Rostra together, simply to provide what we saw as a needed political forum in San Diego. Our talented group of “highly-paid” bloggers and our growing number of readers make the website what it is! Thanks to all of you!

  3. Bob: You and ALL the regular posters here are
    included in the overall, “Best Topic Based Blog”
    1st Place designation.

    So it is Bob “award-winning” Siegel now!

  4. That is indeed the case. The Best Topic Based Blog is for the overall website, which is made up of our stable of great bloggers. You are all winners!

  5. As the individual who put the entry together, I explained the nature and purpose of Rostra, the strength in the diversity of the blogpen participants, our reach and influence… and then simply invited the judges to visit and read for themselves. Whose posts the judges read, we will never know. It could have been any one of us… it could have been all of us. But now for all time, we can each and every one proudly proclaim to be award-winning bloggers for an award-winning website. That’s worth a mutual cyber toast to us all tonight. Cheers!

    Addendum: All San Diego Press Club Journalism Awards contest entries are judged by panels of professionals from sister Press Clubs in cities of like size across the United States – NOT by members of our local Press Club. So they don’t know we’re a scruffy band of unpaid zealots.

  6. In any event, I am honored to be among all of you fellow writers, and would feel that way with or without the award, but having said that, congratulations to all.

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