Phone from Home to Defeat Prop D

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Can you help Councilmember DeMaio stop the Prop D half a billion dollar money grab?  Here’s an easy and simple way to help…

As the public employee unions continue to spend millions on false mailings and tv ads based on shameful fear tactics, the No on D campaign needs your help to get the truth out to voters.

We’re providing volunteers a list of 50 undecided voters — and asking each volunteer to make just 50 calls to help get the word out.

Delivering the NO on D campaign message is easy:

— No Protections for Taxpayers: Prop D does NOT include the fiscal reforms taxpayers deserve to end millions in wasteful spending each year in the city’s budget. …

— Fails to Fix the Pension Crisis: Prop D allows the city to continue to offer lavish and unsustainable pension packages for city employees

— No Guarantees for Police and Fire: Not a cent of this tax is required to go to police, fire and other vital city services.

We know you have a busy schedule, this is why we’re asking you to phone from home! Can you spare a half hour an evening to make phone call from home to voters? If so you can help defeat Prop D!

All you have to do is email we will send you a list of voters to call.


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