Republican Party of San Diego County Endorses Randy Voepel for State Assembly

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The Republican Party of San Diego County (RPSDC) has endorsed Randy Voepel for the 71st Assembly District.

“As Mayor of Santee, Randy Voepel has proven that the limited government policies can work at a local level,” said RPSDC Chairman Tony Krvaric. “Under his leadership, Santee has been a business friendly, fiscally responsible, low crime city that provides high quality amenities and services for its residents. Randy has been a powerful and effective advocate for the policies and values that are the foundation of our party, and we are proud to endorse him for the 71st Assembly District.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement of the Republican Party of San Diego County,” said Voepel. “The RPSDC works tirelessly toward supporting Republican candidates and has an impressive track record of success. Their endorsement is critical in this race, and I am proud to have their support.”

The Republican Party of San Diego County is the official party organization dedicated to recruiting, endorsing, and supporting Republican candidates at the local, state, and federal level.

The Republican Party of San Diego County joins State Senator Joel Anderson, Assemblymember Brian Jones, Assemblymember Marie Waldron, State Senator Mike Morrell, State Senator Jeff Stone, Assemblymember Ling Ling Chang, Assemblymember Shannon Grove, Assemblymember Devon Mathis, Assemblymember Jim Patterson, Fmr. Assemblyman Steve Baldwin, El Cajon Mayor Bill Wells, El Cajon Councilmember Star Bales, El Cajon Councilmember Gary Kendrick, El Cajon Councilmember Bob McClellan, El Cajon CouncilmemberTony Ambrose, Santee Councilmember John Minto, Santee Councilmember Rob McNelis, Santee Councilmember Ronn Hall, Santee Councilmember Jack Dale, La Mesa Councilmember Ruth Sterling, Cajon Valley Union School District President Justin Slagle, Padre Dam Municipal Water District Board President Doug Wilson, Padre Dam Municipal Water District Board Member Bill PommeringSantee School Board Member Ken Fox, Grossmont High School District Trustee Jim Kelly, the Associated Builders & Contractors of San Diego, the Republican Party of Riverside County, the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, the California Republican Assembly, the San Diego County Probation Officers Association, and the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association of San Diego County among Voepel’s early endorsers.

Originally elected to the Santee City Council in 1996, Voepel was elected Mayor in 2000. Voepel is a U.S. Navy veteran with two combat tours of duty in Vietnam. A graduate from Saint Leo University, he is a businessman in financial services specializing in corporate benefits. He and his wife Susan have two children and three grandchildren.

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  1. More like the last man standing. If he drops out too, do we just let the seat go vacant?

  2. Yes, Tony Teora is in the race. I think the voters of the district will ultimately pick the most qualified candidate in November. I look forward to showing why I am more qualified than Randy Voepel. More to come with my campaign in the following weeks.

  3. My apologies Tony, but my ignorant comment should also serve as a reminder that you haven’t exactly got your message out.

  4. @Hypocrisy questioned

    Point well taken. I can assure you that the party and voters will see more of my message and campaign shortly. I have events stacked up, and for those who hear my message (including an event I attended today in El Cajon) I’m told voters prefer me over Voepel.

  5. And ICYMI:

    San Diego County-East CRA and Murrieta-Temecula CRA are pleased to unanimously endorse Randy Voepel for the 71st Assembly District.

    The California Republican Assembly (CRA) is the oldest and largest grassroots volunteer organization chartered by the California Republican Party and continues to promote pro-life and pro-“family values” as well as a limited-government agenda calling for lower taxes, decreased governmental regulation, and more personal freedom. President Ronald Reagan often referred to CRA as the “Conscience of the Republican Party.”

    This local CRA endorsement was based on Mayor Voepel’s public service accomplishments over the past 20 years, which include minimizing city pension obligations by contracting out services, reducing city spending and keeping a balanced budget, not increasing Santee’s sales tax, and achieving and maintaining one of the lowest crime rates in the region by dedicating the highest proportion of the city’s budget to public safety. Mr. Voepel, currently the Mayor of Santee, is a U.S. Navy veteran, a Saint Leo University graduate, and co-owner of a local insurance firm.

  6. Hi Brian, you wrote recently in March that, ‘For five years, Voepel uses his talents to work AGAINST Republicans while Hamel used his to grow the party.’

    What’s changed on your opinion of Voepel? Just Hamel dropping out of the race?

    I just listened to Voepel’s speech to the CRA and I think it’s embarrassing. Voepel doesn’t know what the CRA wants, jokes about making a deal to not get a girlfriend in Sacramento (but a boyfriend is questionable), and has no plan other than to wait a year or two before he just attacks Democrats. Any real ideas on creating jobs? On cutting business taxes & regulations? I have a vested interest as I’m running against Voepel for Assembly in the 71st, but even if I wasn’t, I honestly think fellow Republicans will find his speech disappointing to say the least, and for some quite troubling if we expect Voepel to truly fight for conservative principles and values in Sacramento. The speech sounded more like a retirement plan. Vote for Tony Teora for State Assembly 2016.

  7. Pretty easy to sort this out, Tony…let’s compare Voepel’s conservative and well run city with the city you’ve run for the last 20 years.

  8. “What’s changed on your opinion of Voepel?”

    Read what I wrote, Tony:

    “I listened to that speech Chad and I didn’t hate it.”

    Now, pay close attention– “I didn’t hate it,” does not equal a “change of opinion,” but rather a comment specifically directed at his speech.

    “I didn’t hate it.”

    Guess what I else I don’t hate? This:

    “We don’t want much from government. We actually want less. We want fewer taxes, less involvement in our personal lives. We want the freedom to choose what vaccines to give our children. We don’t want the government adding new laws to the Second Amendment. We want a good and affordable educational system. We want to be free to pursue happiness. Our government has no authority other than that granted by the people.”

    You seem like a good dude Tony when you talk like that. When you attack your competition, you sound like just another hack politician.

    I hate THAT, Tony.

  9. I don’t have 20 years running a city, but I have 20 years experience managing various businesses. We desperately need good jobs, and I’ve created jobs. The closest experience Randy has to creating jobs is outsourcing everything he can to the cheapest bidder. I doubt his selling insurance counts as creating many jobs. Being a Mayor and working state side are not the same.

    As for attacking my competition, I’ll attack them all day long on their weaknesses. If you’ve watched anyone running for office, many whom I suspect you support, people in politics do attack their opponents on their weaknesses. I think you’ve probably done it a few times yourself. Randy might have been involved in doing some good things for Santee, but if you really believe he’s going to fight for the conservative cause, I think you’re dead wrong. His speech answered all questions to me about his motivations. I will leave it up to the voters to judge in June and November.

    Keep up the good work Brian. Some of your posts, I do not HATE either.

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