Breaking News: Leo Hamel ends campaign for 71st Assembly District

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Exclusive to SD Rostra and The DeMaio Report. Carl DeMaio is interviewing Hamel at 5 p.m. about his decision.

Statement from Leo Hamel

I entered the race for the 71st State Assembly seat with a genuine desire to make a positive impact in Sacramento for my neighbors and fellow citizens in San Diego. In the last few weeks, I’ve come to the conclusion that the impacts on my time and family in pursuing this effort would be far too great at this point in my life.

Although my desire to effect needed change in the legislature is the same, I’m very confident we already have a great conservative candidate running for the seat who will pursue just that.

I reached out to Mayor Randy Voepel today to let him know I’m ending my campaign and that I’m wholeheartedly supporting him as our next Assemblyman.

I’d like to thank those in the community who have been so supportive of me in the last several weeks.


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  1. Leo is a good man. Started too late. Voepel was putting together a strong circle of endorsements, including the Jarvis Group today and CRA — two respected groups that do their homework.

  2. I’m sure Leo is a good guy. I’ve heard that from several sources.

    But does anybody finish what they started?! I’ve lost count of the number of Republicans locally that proudly announce their candidacy only to drop out a month or two later.

    When the going gets tough and the deck looks like it’s stacked against you, you need to get tough and keep fighting. I’ve learned in my 25 year sales career that a deal that looks hopeless on paper can be won if you hang in there and keep fighting. Where are all the fighters on the Republican side?!

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