Rep. Peter Roskam (R) — survivor of Cook County, Illinois election battles ….. will visit San Diego on August 18th

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One of the few bright spots in the 2006 national  GOP meltdown was state senator Peter Roskam holding the seat of  Henry Hyde, retiring iconic Illinois congressman.  Roskam earned a 51% – 49% victory… and he now is Chief Deputy Whip for the House , the #4 leadership position.  This tournament-tough, principled conservative leader visits San Diego on Aug. 18.   If you’d like to attend a reception or dinner in his honor, you can learn more here: or phone (800) 916-1770….   One of Roskam’s tireless aides in that 2006 classic campaign was San Diego’s own  Jason Roe, who insists his feet are still sore  from the number of precincts he walked then.  Famed reporter  Robert  A.  Novak tabbed Roe’s arrival as a turning point that year,  “Jason Roe,  an experienced campaign manager, has been brought in to buck up Roskam’s flagging effort.”  (Aug. 20, 2006)    Getting a shout-out from Bob Novak, is the GOP political equivalent of a congratulatory letter from  Babe Ruth.

And we have a comment directly from Cooperstown, New York  about Jason Roe’s 2006 performance in Illinois-6.


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