Chris Reed Interviews Barry Jantz On Redistricting

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Chris Reed’s Top Story show on KOGO AM 600 (Get yer podcast here)  is a dependable staple of my drive home. And yesterday, the show by the self-proclaimed “cranky libertarian” produced a bonus:  SD Rostra’s own Barry Jantz.

Redistricting was the topic, especially its effects in San Diego County. Jantz made a number of points:

– The new San Diego area districts are more competitive than they were, and more competitive than the rest of the state.

– Brian Bilbray should win in his new congressional district, although it’s much more competitive than the previous one. “If you look at those communities in there, Point Loma, Coronado, Poway, Escondido, it’s much more of an edge in the folks that are likely to turn out.” Bilbray has been active in the issues these areas care about, such as immigration.

– Assembly and Senate primaries will be very competitive, as politicians jockey for the new seats.

Reed mentioned Barry’s role in SD Rostra, and described him as a “CEO/politician/activist/writer/blogger – a multi-talented guy.” Very accurate. Thanks, Chris.

You can listen to the entire interview of about 11 minutes by clicking on this link and downloading the MP3 audio. It’s about 3 megabytes.

To listen to the entire 1-hour Chris Reed segment Jantz appeared on, which includes a discussion of the bullet train boondoggle, click here to download on KOGO’s Web site.

And if you’re not in the habit of listening to Reed on KOGO, please consider it. With the podcasts, you can listen to his informative shows at your convenience. And while you’re on KOGO’s Web site downloading podcasts, check out LaDona Harvey and Chip Franklin, two other great hosts.


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  1. Attaboy, Barry. Chris Reed chose wisely in turning to “SD Rostra” for the Inside Scoop on local elections.

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