Reader’s Matt Potter kids Lori Saldaña about her campaign plans for FOUR different elective offices, 2009-2011!

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Ace reporter Matt Potter of the San Diego Reader kids Lori Saldaña this week about her varying campaign plans for four different offices, 2009-2011Potter titled it, “Indecision, 2012”.   Reason?   Ms. Saldaña faced the end of her State Assembly career in 2010,  owing to state term limits. Last year she went as far as moving into Ron Roberts’  district  to run for County Supervisor  (per the cited Union-Tribune story),  but then later reconsidered that plan.

As of this writing, it appears former Assemblywoman Saldaña will run against GOP Congressman Brian Bilbray in the 2012 election cycle.   But Watch this Space  for further developments!  Your district might be next  on the popular “Where in the World is Lori Saldaña?” tour.


For the record, here are the names of three Lori Saldana’s campaign committees  for  State regulated offices, filed  from 2009 through 2011.   She has not yet officialy filed paperwork with The Federal Elections Commission to run against Brian Bilbray, per the FEC website today.

(1)   Lori Saldaña for Board of Equalization 2010, State ID  # 1307425

(2)  Lori Saldaña for Senate 2012, State ID  #1314644

(3)  Lori Saldaña for Supervisor, 2010,  State ID #1320513


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  1. Hey, Got some good photos of Lori riding in the Rancho Santa Fe 4th Parade. She looked well enuff to ride in the Rose Bowl this year.

    Lori has heart as does Vargas…..As a free lancer for Veterans issues ,I always see Juan,Lori,Brian,and and Ron at our events. Even Donna shows up and respects our vets. I love them all.

    Time for the new crop to show respect. You know who I mean. I’ll judge a man or woman for the honest respect for our Armed Forces, not for political showboating. As a retired army vet I do so respect Ron Roberts and Brian Bilbray. They never show boat with us.

    Anyhow time to take my mobile office back to the desert.

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