Great “Free to Choose” follow-up on TV across the nation — except in San Diego

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“Free to Choose,” the classic TV mini-series starring Milton Friedman (based on Friedman’s seminal tome with the same title) aired across the nation on public broadcasting some 30 years ago. While somewhat dated, the piece is well worth watching (or rewatching) and is available free “on demand” online at

Now a follow-up TV documentary has been produced, to see how Friedman’s principles of economic freedom have worked (or failed) around the world since that time. It appears to solidly confirm that Friedman was right. Here’s the story:

The good news is that, according to the production’s 23 August “carriage grid” sheet, the show is being carried by just about all the nation’s public broadcast stations.

The bad news is that one major public TV station won’t carry it — KPBS TV in San Diego. Yes, that “oversight” could (and should) still change, but it seems to further verify the exceptional liberal bias of San Diego’s KPBS, even when compared with all the other liberally-biased public broadcast stations.

In the spirit of KPBS, let me add my own blatant fundraising appeal — don’t give a DIME to this station.


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