Reader: San Diego’s anti-fascists turn fascist

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Eric Bartl’s cover story in San Diego Reader…

San Diego’s anti-fascists turn fascist
What really happened in Pacific Beach

Photograph by John Cocozza

“Saturday, January 9th: a warm and sunny winter afternoon in Pacific Beach. The boardwalk was bustling. A man and his Rottweiler were on a routine walk when, as they passed the Baja Beach Café at Thomas Avenue, the dog let out a bark.”

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  1. Since January 9th has there been any arrests? Have the San Diego Police rules of engagement used that day been released? Are those same same rules of engagement that allow violence to occur without police intervention still in effect? Under Mayor Todd Gloria, will San Diego now be just like Minneapolis where the police do not protect the public, and fascists are allowed to destroy our city storefronts and police stations?

    Has anyone on the City Council asked any serious questions of the Mayor and Police Chief? We know the George Floyd trial is not going to result in any murder convictions, and Democrat’s intend to lose the case so a massive countrywide riot will follow the acquittal. Will San Diegans be unprotected and our city’s property be allowed to be destroyed?

    Elected officials policies to hold back police will force the public to defend itself with more lethal violence and retaliation as compared to trained police would provide. Because of bad policies, we cannot allow our city to be overwhelmed with this kind of Antifa/BLM violence.

    In addition to the likely coming of the Chuavin acquittal riots, our county is about to be stretched to the breaking point by tens of thousands of illegal immigrants that the Biden Administration is going to allow to flood into our country. Every social service public agency is going to be strained to failure by illegal immigrants. The Biden Administration and Democrat politicians statewide have no plan to deal with the flood of people and are already planning to raise taxes on those who still have a job. California’s downward spiral is going to accelerate, and Antifa/BLM fascist mobs appear to be the Democrat’s stormtroopers.

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