Poway Recall election and the endorsement from Bob Emery

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I’ve respected Bob Emery (Retired Poway City Councilmember) for years, but that has now changed. First, take a look at a past blog of mine regarding the candidates… http://sdrostra.com/?p=4387

In this week’s “Poway Chieftain”, in his column/editorial “My Town” (http://pomeradonews.com/article/Editorial/Editorial/My_Town_Pete_Babich_is_best_choice_for_City_Council/32923), Bob endorsed Pete Babich for Poway City Council.  I find it interesting since Pete’s the only candidate that mentions he’s a Democrat on his website and Bob’s a Democrat (well, I must add that Bob was a registered Republican for years. When he was questioned on that, he replied that a Democrat couldn’t get elected in Poway…What a hypocrite!!).

Since I’m talking about Bob Emery, when Bush was President, I recall seeing him at the corner of Pomerado and Twin Peaks on many weekends with his “get the troops out of Iraq” signs. Strange how after Obama wins, that he is no longer protesting the war, but the troops are still over there and still get killed. That shows me how much of a party-liner he is. He follows the dictates of the Democratic Party, not the idea. If he really believed that the war in Iraq was bad, then we still should STILL be seeing him out at the corner protesting.

But let’s look at his editorial. He stated that he didn’t look at Howard Collins, Roger Willoughby and Chuck Cross because they have ran before and that “the public has spoken”. Come on Bob, you should know that attitudes and demographics change with time. Maybe their message (And if you have read SdRostra, you know I’m endorsing Chuck Cross) might resonate with voters this time.

Bob has an issue with John Mullin and David Radcliff reporting “No Reportable Interests” on their state 700s; while Bob might have a valid point here, the only thing of concern is if John and David answered truthfully. If they did, this shouldn’t be an issue for the voters. For the most part, I agree with Bob on Dave Grosch — he looks to be a one issue candidate, but I believe David has seen his mistake and is trying to look more diverse.

Now with Steve Vaus, the recall will hang over his bid for this seat as Bob states, but as I said in my earlier blog about his race, Steve has the endorsement of many of the “hometown” citizens of Poway that people really respect, such as Sabrina Butler (who was expected to run for Council and dropped out due to putting her family first, which I deeply admire her for) and Bob Krans (Retired Poway Fire Chief and much respected resident of Poway).

In closing, I really question Bob Emery’s judgment in this editorial. I believe that if Bob had really looked at all of the candidates with an open mind, that he would have NOT picked Pete Babich.


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