Poway City Manager Memo: Rexford’s Conflicts and Interference with Administration

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In the midst of a recall effort against Poway Councilmember Betty Rexford, additional compelling evidence against her has been uncovered.

In September 2006, Poway City Manager Rod Gould felt compelled to send a confidential memo to Rexford warning that her “recent actions constitute a conflict of interest and interference with City administration.” 

The memo speaks for itself.  Read it here.


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  1. Yes Betty Rexford was the realtor representing an elderly woman regarding the sale of her home. The City insisted that the home could not be demolished even though the elderly woman had a demolition permit issued by the City of Poway. Rod Gould, City Manager, directed City employees to repeatedly inspect this home because it was suposed to be historical. Yet the City did not want to purchase the house. The elderly repeatedly asked that City employees not trespass on her property. This client appealed to Betty Rexford, her realtor to speak with the City. Betty Rexford did speak with Rod Gould which Mr. Gould chose to not take the complaint seriously. A buyer backed out of the purchase because of the City. The City continued to harass this poor old lady until she finally had a heart attack and died.

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  3. This memo alone shows that she has overstep her authority. I believe the late Mayor Mickey of Poway Property management and construction business did not do business in Poway just so there would be no conflict of interest. Betty should have taken the hint and followed in his steps. Matter of fact, I was a Betty supporter up until 2 weeks ago.”

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