Tebow TD wins in Overtime — Why at age 24 he is smarter than “comedian” Bill Maher — Judge Larry Stirling (ret.) explains

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UPDATE  …..   Broncos  20,    Steelers  6   [Halftime] …  Tim Tebow has a TD pass and  TD run, rallying Denver from an early 6-0 deficit. 

UPDATE 2 ….. On the 1st Play of overtime, Tim Tebow hits  Demaryius Thomas with 80-yard TD pass to  win  29 – 23. 


“Wow, Jesus just  [Bleeped]  Tim Tebow bad.  And on XMAS Eve!” –   Bill Maher after the Broncos lost on Dec. 24, 2011.

Sages advise us that the quality of our lives is the sum of the choices we make. The Bible doesn’t just tell us what happened; it tells us what ALWAYS happens. And does so in story form so we can learn and avoid  the disasters suffered by our ancestors. And what lessons are those?  Ask 24-year-old  football player Timothy Richard Tebow and we’ll get useful answers. Tebow was born in the Philippines to a missionary father, and the daughter of a US Army officer stationed there. During his mother’s pregnancy, she was told that due to an infection she should abort Tim.  As that was against her faith, she persevered and bore one of the most remarkable athletes of our day.


Mr. Tebow, as do many faithful athletes, acknowledges the power of Christianity to order his life. By praying before and after athletic events, he witnesses that faith to others. And that is how Bill Maher came to despise and ridicule Mr. Tebow. Mr. Tebow prayed before a game and then his team lost.

So what? Teams win, teams lose. Mr. Maher, never missing an opportunity to make an ass of himself, proceeded to degrade himself and the rest of America with the unvarnished quotation above followed by various attention-getting antics for the next several days.


Do we respect and admire Mr. Tebow for his courage in becoming a famous athlete through self discipline and hard work? Do we ask ourselves how his Christian faith has made his life better and could do the same for us and everyone else? Or do we join with iconoclasts such as Maher using filthy language to degrade the personal convictions of others?

….I choose Tebow, and condemn Maher.   Here is why.

The founder of Christianity was raised in the Jewish faith and preached its values. Basic things such as “Love one another.”  “Don’t worship chunks of stone.”  “Worship instead the God of Love.”  “Spend at least a day a week studying the thousands of lessons in the Bible so that when you encounter a similar challenge, you will be ready.”  “Honor your parents” and by inference parenthood.   “Do not murder one another.”  “Don’t court disaster for yourself and others around you by committing adultery.”   “Don’t steal.”   “Don’t lie.”   “Don’t desire your neighbor’s spouse.”

These and hundreds of other prescriptions are part and parcel of what Mr. Tebow bends his knee and bows his head to. Acting on these principles has caused Christians to carry out endless charities, build innumerable hospitals and orphanages throughout the world, and go to the assistance of their fellow mankind in every sort of natural and man-made disaster.

When Hurricane Katrina bashed the American Gulf states, thousands of church goers from around the nation rushed to help. I do not remember any soup kitchens sponsored by the ACLU, the Black Panthers, organized labor, or the American Actors Guild.


Reviewing the public comments on the internet following the Maher savaging, I noticed that 99 percent of the comments backed Tebow. According to Dr. Scott Schieman at the University of Toronto, his surveys show that in spite of the likes of Maher and Michael Moore, the American people keep their faith.

82%  say they depend on God to give guidance in making decisions.

71% say that the good and bad that happens to them is part of God’s plan for them.

61%  believe God has determined the direction of their lives.


Numerous scientific studies confirm the benefits of faith: people are happier, cope with challenges with less stress, worry less, stay healthier, become wealthier, stay married longer, and have a better quality of life into their old age.

Believers are more cooperative with others; kinder to strangers; and suffer lower rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, and criminality. In other words, dozens of objective studies prove that the active involvement of faith communities in public affairs enhances the well-being of society.

Where else would the basic social values that provide the foundation for our laws, our jury decisions, and our billions of successful daily interactions come from except for the religious values adopted and recorded by our Bible and their propagation by dedicated men like Mr. Tebow?

What we would get if Mr. Bill Maher and his ilk were ascendant in America? That prospect is indeed a sobering one to consider.


So… good luck, Tim Tebow, vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers in that NFL playoff game this week. But whatever the outcome, you are already a Winner, in the larger Game of Life,  as are the other Men and Women of Faith who thank you for your public Witness.


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  1. I hope that the Denver Broncos– now that the Chargers are officially out of the Super Bowl race–makes it all the way to the top. Just to shut all the haters and nay-sayers up! BTW, I have a lovely, Christian, single, SDSU-educated, 20-something daughter whom I am reserving for betrothal to TIM TEBOW! He is every mother-in-laws DREAM SON-in-law!

  2. Maher is only a comedian; his views should carry no weight and Conservatives shouldn’t worry about his comments any more than Liberals should worry about what Rush or Hannity say.

  3. Maher is envious; it’s that simple. Most liberals come from a position of envy so they use the media, State, and culture to ridicule achievers. This makes them feel better about their sorry situation.

    Misery loves company.

  4. Brian,

    What exactly would Maher be envious of? He is a very successful comedian with his own show on HBO. I am quite certain that his net wealth is greater than yours and mine combined.

    None of that means we should care at all about his opinions on Tebow or any other subject, but envious? I doubt it.

  5. Post

    If ever there was an Horatio Alger story in modern America it is Tim Tebow. Raised in modest circumstances,
    his hard work and honest dealing sent him to college, where he became a Champion athelete, one who humbly gives his thanks to God.

    {For newcomers, the “Alger” nickname at Rostra is that person’s tribute to 19th-centiry American author Horatio Alger. His popular novels aimed at young people advocated the same work ethic and decency displayed by Tim Tebow].

  6. While Tebow’s religious displays and professions seem a tad odd to me (a low-religious person — until death approaches), the fact that his clutch wins so rile the progressives makes me a huge Tebow fan.

    I STILL think he can’t sustain his remarkable closing minutes saves after mediocre games. I doubt he’ll last long in the NFL as a starting quarterback. Perhaps a Higher Power disagrees. But no matter — win or lose, Tebow is a class act.

    Regardless of the future, he has added a welcome wrinkle to NFL football — driving the heathen leftists bonkers.

    BTW, for a while, it was common after the games for some players from BOTH teams to meet in the middle of the field for a brief prayer — a clear affirmation of their (presumably Christian) beliefs. Does that still go on? Do the TV networks simply not display this event any more?

    Maybe the networks do report such meetings — I don’t leave a TV game on after it is over. If they do still meet like that, does not THAT gall Maher et al?

  7. It flies in the face of the Lord’s teachings for one to conduct public displays of worship in which he or she thanks the Lord for touchdowns against one’s opponents. To claim the Lord on your side during a football game is not the practice of a humble servant. (1 Peter 5:5).

    Having fun with that Straw Man? Tebow repeatedly states that God does not care who wins football games. Tebow humbly thanks God for blessing him with the talent to be a Champion athelete. All Christians are called to be thankful to the one, “from whom all Blessings flow.” …… (Jim Sills)

  8. Tebow has made it very clear he doesn’t believe the Lord cares which team wins a football game. Countryman, if you believe it inappropriate to ask God for strength, courage and guidance before any task at hand (even football), as well as thank Him for having providing you the opportunity for success, you are misreading the Word.

  9. Post
  10. Jim: I thank God on a daily basis for blessing America with the talent to develop cruise missiles. My point is that Tebow thanking the Lord for his athletic attributes is in direct relation to his competition over others. That’s the crucial nexus. Thanking the Lord for being “blessed” with such athletic prowess, then, is akin to thanking the Lord for being blessed to win.

    Spin Zone: Should one ask for God’s “strength, courage, and guidance” before setting forth to rob a convenience store? If you mean that such “strength, courage, and guidance” would dissuade the individual from such an endeavor, then perhaps Tebow should stop asking for such things before a football game. If, on the other hand, it means the guidance to be successful, then I cannot agree “any task at hand” is worthy of such guidance.

  11. Jim,

    i completely agree that Tebow is an inspiration, not only for his incredible work ethic, but also for his indomitable will to win. Many “more talented” athletes have had far less success and that fact should serve as encouragement for anyone who has ever felt that they lacked the natural ability to be the best.

  12. Any casual and logical reader can see I mean “any task of a positive nature,” without having to spell it out. “Countryman,” proving that some can seem both intellectual and daft at the same time, decides to use spin zone tactics to rebut an argument even he knows I wasn’t making. I hope that level of deceit meets his definition of a Christian, humble heart.

  13. Why doesn’t Countryman just say that those who like sports are going to hell and be done with it?

  14. I am Jewish. I am a Charger fan. I don’t think Tebow is a superstar NFL quarterback. That all being said, I very much admire the guy for his character and his belief in his faith. Who would you rather have your kids looking up to? A guy that gets DUI’s or gets caught with drugs? A guy that goes to jail for hosting cruel dog fights? Or a guy defined by a solid morals resulting from a strong connection to his faith?

    And whatever you think about Tebow and his public display of his Christianity, I think it has helped instill confidence in him, which in turn has helped him guide his team into the NFL playoffs. In a country of 300 million people, those who have been starting quarterbacks in the NFL playoffs is a pretty small universe.

  15. I agree with both Alger and D7 Voter. He is an inspiration and a role model and I applaud him for being a positive role model for so many.

    The original post compared Maher’s comments against Tebow’s character, and concluded that Tebow “won” over Maher because his Christian faith (1) encompassed honorable principles, (2) adopting the tenants of Tebow’s faith will be good for the health and well-being of all, and (3), that Tebow should be praised for his “public Witness.”

    My point was to take a critical look at the appropriateness of Tebow’s “public Witness.” I do not think it is necessarily appropriate to use the Lord’s name as Tebow has done because it is inextricable from the competition of the game, but I do not hold his faith against him.

    One last note — While Tebow may say that the Lord does not care who wins, Tebow himself most certainly does. The Broncos are a closely-held corporation, with a duty upon the directors to maximize profits for the shareholders. This, in turn, forms the underpinning of Tebow’s contract. So it looks like God and Tebow have a conflict of interest.

    I don’t mean to take the fun out of it. I’m simply saying that Tebow’s public displays of faith are not unassailable. If Tebow chooses to brand himself as a Christian, then Maher had every justification for criticizing him.

  16. “Tebow himself most certainly does … care who wins.” Wow. Breaking news. Film at 11. A stunning development. We didn’t know. LOL!

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