Peer review report condemns CA HSR, yet the train lurches on

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Leave a Comment


This week the peer review group studying the California High Speed Rail plan (as amended and/or exposed) came out with their report. Even though they as individuals probably were mildly supportive of the core HSR option, their report has nothing but scathing criticism for this “plan.”

I made a quick search of CA newspapers referencing this report. I could not find a single paper still supportive of the HSR boondoggle. Most castigated the whole operation.

Here’s the link to an excellent SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS editorial, which was fairly typical:

Of course, stake after stake has been pounded into the chest of the HSR beast, yet the damn thing won’t die. But now even some Democrat state legislators are raising serious objections to continuing this madness. Sadly, Governor Brown apparently continues to suffer from the adverse after-effects of unwise drug ingestion during his younger years.

Of course, Governor Brown and the HSR authority announce that there’s nothing compelling in this peer review blast and besides, it’s “deeply flawed.”  Indeed, proponents have concluded that ALL the many critiques of CA HSR by objective critics are “deeply flawed.”   Obviously it’s up to the legislature or the voters to kill the beast.

But there is one positive aspect in all this resistance to killing off Frankenstein’s lurching HSR monster. Two, actually:

1. HSR will be the “poster child” we need to defeat the MANY state tax increase props currently planned for a vote for November. No one can seriously argue for a tax increase while this madness continues.

2. By doggedly supporting HSR, Democrats firmly establish themselves as the profligate nut-ball party. Voters now oppose HSR by a 2-1 margin, and that’s without a publicity campaign to expose the public to this nonsense — and in spite of millions spent by proponents to sell this white elephant. No, the GOP will not take the state legislature (not even close) — but a couple competitive seats swinging to the GOP would be enough to retain some veto power in the State Assembly and State Senate.

Stay the course, dopey Democrats. Your union straitjacket (mandating pro-HSR positions) is perhaps our best hope this election year. Wear it proudly.


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