Our Christmas Gift List from SD Rostra’s Jolly Victory Bear … Happy Holidays to our Readers!

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Here are the Rostra Victory Bear’s special presents for Rostrafarians, as expressed to the Bear’s three assistants (Erica Holloway, Barry Jantz and Jim Sills).  Feel free to add YOUR gifts under the Tree, but please remember this is the Season of Goodwill, so be nice and tasteful, to fit this special time.

For Capitol-bound Marie Waldron: An unabridged copy of  “Fun Things to do  in Sacramento” (complete in 2 pages!) …… for Richard Rider: A  Beer Summit  with  Alger …… for Erica Holloway:  A  baby   blogger …… for Bradley  Fikes:  An employer that doesn’t care if its reporters have personal opinions — just like the rest of the MSM …… and for Jerome Stocks: A  Surfing  Madonna  t-shirt.


For All Elected Officials: A press release moratorium until they produce one, single genuine post …… For Rostra Readers who are subjected to Elected Official Press Release Posts:  Our deepest sympathies and a bottle of Tylenol …… for Thor: A new hammer to bring the pain in 2012 …… for Gayle Falkenthal: A Free pass to  Duffy Town‘, the county Sheriff’s  simulated  gunfight training  facility …… and for GOP Mom of 3:  Plenty of Holiday Turkey to put the little Darlings to Sleep, and Give Mom and Dad some Quality Time together.


For Carl DeMaio: A real camera for use by his staff to shoot quality pics of his press conferences for posting on Rostra,  or a photographer that knows to take the shot  from closer than Petco Park …… for Poway Roger: Some followers who know that true  environmentalism isn’t at odds with conservatism …… for Tony Manolatos: A successful career as a consultant that leaves him time to help take Rostra to the next level in 2012! …… for Nathan Fletcher: An extreme makeover, so he can be as good looking  as DeMaio, Dumanis and Filner …… for Gwendolyn:  A liberal blog that’s half as fun as this one to waste her time on …… for Jim Sills: Photoshop CS5 Extended to take his Rostra art to the next level …… and for Barry Jantz: Peace, quiet, and interesting incoming Tweets.


For the Registrar of Voters  staff:  Many Happy Returns to count, with NO recounts! …… for  Brittany Catton  & ASYMCA colleagues:  Our Thanks for blessing SD’s military families with assistance, both practical & kind-hearted …… for Jason Roe, Duane Dichiara and Stephen Puetz: As many victories in 2012 as you won in 2010 …… for Joel Anderson: Good candidates and GOP state senate gains statewide …… for Tom Shepard and Aimee Remanick: Happy clients, success,  and peaceful vacations …… and for Cathy Glaser:  Happiness in a still busy and active retirement…


Merry Christmas to all ….. from the Jolly SD Rostra Victory Bear !


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  1. Santa knows me all too well. Lock and load, Rudolph!

    Now if he’d also kindly deliver the nice little Ruger compact revolver I have my eye on at Poway Weapons and Guns I promise to be good all year… a good shot, that is.
    Seasons Greetings also to Gayle’s pal Mario
    A. Boxer from all of us at SD Rostra !

  2. Gayle, hopefully Santa brought you that Ruger. My wife went to the range early Fri for a little Christmas fun and saw a 12 gauge she now has her eye on. It was a little too late to ask Santa for the shotgun for Christmas, but February is right around the corner, Nothing says “Be My Valentine” like a 12 gauger!!!

  3. D7 voter, your story reminds me of the time my late father bought my mother a chain saw for Christmas. A friend said, “Boy, you must REALLY trust your wife.” I’d say much the same about a guy who would buy his gal a shotgun!

    No Ruger under the tree, but I was treated to an up-close and personal look at my brother’s highly customized new rifle along with a promised trip to the range to try out a few of his toys. Excellent.

  4. I love the chainsaw story!

    Yes, I trust my wife very much! I also trust no one is stupid enough to try and break in to our house. 🙂

    Fortunately for me and our bank account my wife only finds a new gun she likes once every few years. The same cannot be said of and my penchant for electronics.

    See you at the range. If you see a girl tearing it up while there is some guy sitting in the corner with an ipad…that’s probably us.

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