Observations on 2nd District Supervisor’s race

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Observations from a Retired Senator

Downtown establishment shocked by results; Anderson’s victory expected by those who live in the district

By Hon. Mark Wyland

Primary Election Results:

Primary election night left Joel Anderson leading by 5,000 votes over Steve Vaus in the 2nd District County Supervisorial contest and, unlike any other Republican on the ballot, his lead continued to surge with each update over the next 30 days.

Traditionally, late ballots turned in are overwhelmingly Democrat. When the tallying was finished, Anderson had increased his victory to a 7,500 vote margin (remarkably 15 percent above Republican turnout), proving Anderson’s  bipartisan approach is well known in his district. While serving in the legislature, he authored 453 bills with Democrats.

Despite Supervisor Dianne Jacob leading a $400,000 independent expenditure attacking him, Anderson’s 12 years of hard work in the district proved too difficult to overcome.

Biggest Election Surprise:

Poway Mayor Vaus garnered only 47 percent of the vote in his hometown, with 53 percent of Powegians rejecting him.


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  1. “Poway Mayor Vaus garnered only 47 percent of the vote in his hometown, with 53 percent of Powegians rejecting him.”

    Not a great stat for the Vaus camp.

  2. We support Joel Anderson! He truly listens to his constituents and cares about what is right.

  3. Congratulations Poway! The people did not bow down to partisan politics. Instead they paid attention to what Mr. Anderson actually did while previously in public service and they were smart enough to know the difference between a “politician” and a true civil servant. Also, hats off to you and your team running a smart and honest campaign Mr Anderson. Keep up the good work! God bless, Lauren

  4. The second district has been deserted for 20 years.
    You need a leader that is pro business, pro taxpayer and understands property rights. Joel is that guy!
    You have a choice to change for the better.
    Joel needs and deserves your support and vote.

  5. When I asked the Mayor of Poway what would he do to use the 3-2 Majority Republican lead to push things to the Right, I got deer in the headlights.
    Being a Republican is no guarantee. If you look at the 5 San Diego County Supervisors right now, all of them have been endorsed by the Party. We need stricter guidelines and if you can support 2/3 we should not endorse, and they should not consider (or call) themselves Republicans:
    1. 100% Pro-Life
    2. 100% Pro 2nd-Amendment
    3. Sign the NO-Tax Pledge
    If you can’t do 2/3, you won’t be a good Republican

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