No Truce with Taxes! — Tough Tony Krvaric pledges winning Effort to Defeat Jerry Brown’s spring Tax offensive

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How do  Tony Krvaric and the Republican Party of San Diego really feel about Jerry Brown’s ‘State of the State’ message?  Here is Chairman Krvaric’s late-breaking official statement issuesd after listening to the Governor’s many proposals:

“The Governor will never have more political capital than he has today. It’s sad that he is refusing to use that political capital to truly reform California, which includes reforming unsustainable pensions and bloated payrolls.

“His ‘continued pain, no gain’ budget, presents voters with the same false choice that Proposition D recently did in the City of San Diego; increased taxes or severe service cutbacks. We expect it to be similarly rejected in time.

“Republicans will stand firm against any attempt to raise taxes on hard working Californians in order to feed the insatiable appetite of public employee labor unions which have been ravaging our state for far too long. No more.

“Not only will Republicans not deliver the votes to place a tax increase on the ballot, but we vow to defeat ANY attempt to raise taxes at the ballot box – and are confident a vast majority of Californians will agree with us.”


Thank you, Mr. Chairman, for drawing that umistakable Line in the Sand!   Tax opponents should make all necessary preperations to defeat the statewide June 2011, “keep High Taxes” ballot measures.



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