Nice San Diego You Got There . . . Shame If Anything Happened To It

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“And we all know that an aging population of firefighters, police officers and lifeguards who can’t afford to retire isn’t best for our safety. Be fair and be safe. Refuse to sign.”

— San Diego firefighter Willie Alegre, ever-so-subtly advising city of San Diego voters it wouldn’t be in their interest to sign the pension reform measure now being circulated.


I heard this heartwarming message of concern (MP3, 500K) Tuesday morning on the Mike Slater show.

The message from our devoted public servants couldn’t be clearer: Don’t reform the pension system . . . if you value your safety.

Convinced yet?


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  1. Not a threat ,a reality. I dont know the author,but i will bet money he never served his city or country by risking his life. Ill bet money he never played contact sports. I know this type of guy. If her were a sports journalists he would still be doing the local prep section.

    Im the type of guy he hates..I carried a badge for 27 years here in town,and im am fully retired and loving every moment….public safety at 55. I served in the military, armor recon. 1969 to 73. but i wish to address my public safety career. I was a city lifeguard prior to my enlistment in the Army. When im in conversation with local political hacks in regards to public safety I recall my rescue where i was filled with fear.

    Im on the cliff rescue team at night and we had a 10o year old boy clinging to life on a ledgte half way down a blacks cliffside. Hey I was only 19 but I knew then the importance of my public safety job. We had 2 coasties giving us light on the cliff. The first sucked up spray and went down on the beach. Well we rescued the boy and all of the media was there. I was bring up ropes and pylons when the lights of the camera took myu night vision and i fell of a small ledge…as i fractured my wrists…That wrist bothers me to this day… Yet here are a group of poly hacks that are going to tell future public safety officers that they dont deserve a rewarding pension.. I could go with the pain endured by those carrying that badge .

    The idea that this was a threat simply has mush for brains and is applying poly spin that is deceitfull../. Do you really want a 64 yr old women or man attempting to pull your child from a burning house?..Of course you dont.. That is why we retire these officers at 55 ..Retirement needs to be made attractive so they do retire..Do you really want to place your children at risk? This is not a threat, just a reality.

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