San Diego Must Invest in Infrastructure

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Today I am unveiling my 9-point infrastructure plan to invest in San Diego’s streets, roads, parks, water system and other core infrastructure. Our City’s future depends on smooth riding streets and roads, reliable water systems, accessible libraries, well-kept recreation centers and clean parks.

This plan has been developed over the past few months with the help of a coalition of infrastructure experts, structural engineers, experienced policy aides and leaders of the business community.

Rebuilding our City will not only lay the foundation to bring San Diego into a new era, but it will also create good-paying jobs. As Mayor I will make rebuilding America’s Finest City one of my top priorities. We live in one of the most beautiful places on earth and we are better than potholes, dilapidated parks and cracked sidewalks.

Businesses will not start up or expand where the transportation system is unreliable and where the city has not made high-quality infrastructure a priority. In order to attract and retain the kinds of innovative businesses San Diego needs we must provide first-rate infrastructure.

There is no better time to invest in infrastructure that during an economic downturn. Material and labor costs are down and investing will immediately create good-paying jobs for unemployed construction workers, engineers, and all the support jobs that are required.

It is time to turn the page on City Hall and move San Diego into a new era. It’s time to invest in our infrastructure and ensure we lay the foundation for a bright, prosperous future.

9 Point Infrastructure Plan

  • Appointing an infrastructure strike force to identify critical infrastructure needs and create a schedule to address them.
  • Holding utility companies accountable for repairing streets properly after conducting undergrounding and trenching projects.
  • Engaging the community and partnering with industry to utilize best practices to prioritize and accomplish our needs.
  • Soliciting input from the community when determining which projects get completed first.
  • Using local contractors and local suppliers whenever possible.
  • Streamlining the process by which we undertake public works projects.
  • Leveraging the strengths of both the private and public sector to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective manner to finance infrastructure projects.
  • Committing to pay for on-going maintenance as the need arises instead of deferring those payments into the future causing City infrastructure to fall into long-term disrepair.
  • Embracing innovation by: exploring the use of cool pavement as a way to reduce the City’s heat island effect, embracing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies to reduce operating costs and maintenance requirements at City facilities and allowing City residents and visitors to report potholes and other infrastructure issues by phone, online or in person.  As Mayor, I will commit to responding to any report within 72 hours.

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