New TV Spot Highlights Dumanis’ Bold Plan to Fix City Schools

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Focusing on her commitment to fix San Diego’s schools, District Attorney and Mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis released a third television ad highlighting her eight-point education reform plan: ‘Framework for America’s Finest Schools.’

“I’m the only one with a bold plan to fix city schools and the experience to get it done,” says Dumanis in the spot, which is running on multiple stations in the San Diego market.

As voters begin choosing whom they will support in the June primary election, Dumanis is stressing her experience, proven ability to make tough decisions, and record of reform in government during this phase of the campaign.

To view the ad, click the image above or follow this link:

Last week, Dumanis launched the first of her television ads, “The Other Guys,” which can be viewed here.


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