Nathan Fletcher Silences DeMaio Camp

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“It’s unfortunate the DeMaio campaign doesn’t believe it’s an effective use of Nathan’s time to work with the Democratic Governor, Democratic Speaker, Democratic Pro Tempore and Republican Caucus Chair to protect children from sexual predators. The DeMaio campaign’s attacks only highlight the difference between Nathan who works with both sides to solve problems versus DeMiao who prefers pitchforks, press conferences and protests.”
-Amy Thoma

Chelsea’s Law back on track
Brown drops bid to let counties delay implementation
UT San Diego
By Michael Gardner
May 15, 2012

Sacramento — Gov. Jerry Brown has quietly removed a sliver of his state budget that threatened to discourage counties from implementing a key component of Chelsea’s Law.

The move cheered Brent King, the father of Poway teenager Chelsea King whose rape and murder inspired the sweeping 2010 law aimed at sexual predators.

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  1. Ms. Thoma: What does this have to do with the fact that the Assemblyman isn’t bothering to show up to vote?

    This is one of the more odd releases I’ve seen in a while.

  2. Hyperbolic Metaphor alert: “Pitchforks?” Really?

    “Fletcher doesn’t always make deals, but when he does, he prefers to make them at midnight.”

    “Midnight Deal”: neither a metaphor nor a hyperbole.

  3. Owen,

    Fletcher’s vote could not have changed the outcome to any of the bills that he failed to vote on. On the other hand, his work with the Governor to make sure Chelsea’s law gets implemented makes this father of three very grateful.


    So what time of day are you supposed to stop working for the best interest of your constituents? I always thought it best to keep negotiating for the best deal right up to the last minute.

  4. I hate to always be the one throwing gasoline on the fire, but…

    Am I the only one who finds Nathan and company’s continued use of the murder of an innocent girl as a political platform disgusting?

    OK, I get all the press from a couple years ago, but he’s still exploiting this girl and her family.

    The truly sad part is that I am willing to bet my bank account the King Family has no idea what kind of monster they’re actually dealing with and placed so much faith and trust in.

    I don’t just write these comments to feed the trolls, this is real life folks. You’ve got a terror on your hands in San Diego.

  5. Nathan Fletcher — Abel Maldonado’s able successor.

    Fletcher does get legislation passed — relatively inconsequential, noncontroversial bills that do nothing to deal with the core problems facing our state — problems he is studiously avoiding this election year.

    But he’s ready to “work with both sides” to do — well, what?

    Nothing much, if anything at all.

    The parallels between Nathan Fletcher and our disgraced former mayor Dick Murphy are striking. Lots of visions, enthusiasm for subsidizing favored businesses, an edifice complex — and an aversion to tackle labor-opposed fiscal reform.

  6. Alger:
    I am proud that I agree with you on next to nothing. However, for whatever my opinion is worth to you — you’re a worthy left of center commenter/debater in this forum. It’s good to have you here.

    However, the one well-documented time Fletcher decides to be “working for his constituents” at midnight happens to be when he packages a controversial big city deal/vote. This was done solely at this hour because of his amazing work ethic? Seriously? Alger, you’re better than that and you’re more honest than that. Try again.

  7. Ryan – At Carl DeMaio’s Liberty Station town hall, he said that voters who went to the polls on Prop D were carrying pitchforks and torches. I’m assuming that’s where Thoma’s reference comes from.

  8. Ryan,

    It was done at that hour because that was the legislative deadline. I am sure you understand most bills get passed the last day and I do want a legislator who works right up to the deadline trying to get the best deal for his constituents.

    Remember, this was a deal that was done at the request of Mayor Sanders (I could be wrong, but I assume you voted for him twice) and would have benefitted those who are now DeMaio’s biggest supporters.

  9. Nathan Fletcher and Mayor Sanders’ midnight deal to eliminate the CCDC Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Cap was created in violation of our City Charter and Municipal Code (MC).

    According to our laws, decisions on the City of San Diego’ RDA can only be made by the RDA Board of Directors, our elected City Council with legal guidance from our elected City Attorney Goldsmith.

    Fletcher broke our laws and overstepped his authority to please Mayor Sanders and the CCDC crowd. Plus the midnight deal with the devil took ALL leverage from the poor and homeless, and is costing taxpayers $28 million by not increasing the minimum Affordable Housing set asides from 20 to 30 percent.

  10. Nathan Fletcher, Mayor Sanders, CCDC staff, and outside Legal Counsel are beholden to our City Charter and MC. They violated our laws. And the outside Legal Counsel violated their written contract. Nathan had the opportunity to ministerially increase AF by 10%, but chose not to get involved in fixing his $28 million mistake.

    Fletcher could correct his mistake by working with Congressman Bob Filner to ask Governor Brown for an Accelerated Repayment of $144 million plus accrued interest in Federal HUD Debt that the former RDA and CCDC stole from the poor and homeless to end Veterans and chronic homeless by the 2015 deadline.

  11. La Playa,

    How was Fletcher acting in his capacity as a State Legislator beholden to a city’s municipal code?

    The homeless funding is an important issue, but it is a separate issue.

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