Mike Slater Says “No Bailout For Filner”

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It looks like Bob Filner will attempt to resign tomorrow.  If the San Diego City Council accepts the “bailout” deal,  crafted by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, Councilmen Gloria and Faulconer, and Mayor Bob Filner, Filner will be gone.  The San Diego City Council will meet in closed session at 1:00PM tomorrow.  It is expected that the Council will accept the Filner deal in toto.

Radio show host Mike Slater thinks that’s a bad idea.  Slater reminded his listeners that Filner has six weeks to resign on his radio show today.  Slater thinks that the “Filner bailout” was initiated only after the the Mayor realized that the recall effort was much stronger than expected.  Media pundits have suggested that the recall rules were so ominous that it couldn’t be done.  The recall effort started five days ago and over 20,000 signatures have been turned in.  With 34 days left in the recall period, it seems likely that 102,000 signatures needed will be reached.

Slater makes a good point; San Diegans have an opportunity to send a message to the City politicians that they are in charge.  San Diego has a laid-back culture which permeates politics.  Voters are sometimes too happy to ignore the compromises their elected officials make.  The result has been a pension mess, a bond ratings downgrade, and a crumbling infrastructure.  Downtown business interests cut crony capitalist deals with union bosses and taxpayers get stuck with higher prices or taxes.

Should the San Diego City Council accept Mayor Filner’s resignation?  Only if it’s an unconditional resignation.  If Bob Filner intends to resign as Mayor, and indemnify the taxpayers of any financial responsibility, accept his resignation immediately.  My guess is that the “compromise” includes a taxpayer-funded settlement for the accusers, Ms. Allred, and a separation/retirement agreement for the disgraced Mayor.  That kind of bailout should be rejected.

Mayor Filner is going to be recalled by the middle of September. City Council should remember that before they vote to bailout Filner.


CORRECTION:  The article originally stated that attorney Gloria Allred was part of the negotiation and omitted the participation of Councilmen Gloria and Faulconer


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  1. ” …deal crafted by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, private attorney Gloria Allred, and Mayor Bob Filner”

    Kevin Faulconer and Todd Gloria were also involved in the crafting of that deal.

  2. The goal all along has been to get rid of Filner and his far left agenda. The hard way is to go through with the recall that may or may not be constitutional. The easier way is to pay to get rid of him. As a Director of Sales in the private sector, I realized a long time ago that sometimes you need to do things you don’t want to do to reach your goal faster and with less heartache. Filner is shrewd and tenacious as a sewer rat. He was NEVER going to resign on his own because he is not honorable. So given the options to get rid of him FAST and limit the damage to San Diego, paying a “reasonable price”, a limited tax-payer funded settlement, will be cheaper in the long run in my opinion, and accomplish the goal.

  3. Mr. Slater’s argument demonstrates he knows little about the facts and nothing about the law.

  4. Brian,

    I still think you need to change the opening paragraph. Even if you are not convinced that Todd Gloria and Kevin Faulconer had a hand in crafting this deal, it is definitely clear that Gloria Allred did not.

  5. HQ,

    I think I updated it around the time you commented. Thanks for keeping me on my toes:

    “t looks like Bob Filner will attempt to resign tomorrow. If the San Diego City Council accepts the “bailout” deal, crafted by City Attorney Jan Goldsmith, Councilmen Gloria and Faulconer, and Mayor Bob Filner, Filner will be gone”

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