Assemblyman Jones Responds to Legislation Prohibiting Law Enforcement from Turning Over Illegal Immigrants

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SACRAMENTO – Assemblyman Jones responds to legislation prohibiting law enforcement from turning over illegal immigrants who have been arrested for “minor” crimes to federal immigration officials. Crimes not listed as “serious” include, but are not limited to, human trafficking, exploding a destructive device to terrorize, solicitation to commit murder, and child abuse likely to result in great bodily harm. Assemblyman Jones says, “These aren’t our friends or neighbors, these are people who have been sent to jail for crimes. The author actually named his bill the “Trust Act 3.0.” I know one thing, we can’t trust the liberals to uphold the rule of law.”

Assembly Bill 4 is currently pending a vote on the Senate Floor.


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  1. I’m.more concerned about what this will do to our lawful immigrant communities. Granted I know the GOP mantra has been to recite white/anglo fears when it comes to immigration. But the democrats aren’t the heroes in the immigration debate. They prefer to cast a wide net and ironically sterotype all Latinos as immigrants so they push for any law that seems to favor any type of immigrant – lawbreaker or not. The result is that it leaves a lot of troublesome people in our immigrant communities. The kind of people that disrupt the neighborhood. The kids growing up there have enough to deal with trying to get ahead in a new country. The democrats don’t help with their attempt at vote pandering.

    As someone with an immigrant wife, I see their policies as unhelpful to the immigrant debate. Immigration needs to be fair and safe for all.

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