Lorena Gonzalez announces for Sec’y of State

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On her Facebook page, the local Dem Assemblywoman announces early…

“It’s True: I’m running for Secretary of State!

“On Friday afternoon, I filed my statement of intention to run for Secretary of State in 2022. And while I am running for re-election to the Assembly in 2020, I have also begun my campaign for statewide office.

“Why so early?

“In California’s 169 year history, a Latina has never been elected to statewide office. Not one.

“I am the daughter of an immigrant, raised by a single mom. I was elected to office as an advocate for workers and people like me.

“To win a statewide office, I will need help. Help from people like you.

“At 14, I would help our local party register voters by setting up an ironing board in front of a grocery store. Thirty years later, I wrote the bill to automatically register every citizen who gets a drivers license.

“Empowering people has been my life’s work — and as chief elections officer we can continue that by ensuring every citizen their right to vote and access to the ballot box.

“There is no job I am better suited for than Secretary of State. I hope you will join us in this journey… and join us early. Any little help would be extremely appreciated!”


Sara Libby in Voice of SD

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