Republicans Call on Gov to Do Better for DD Community

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California has been transitioning from residential to community-based care for people with developmental disabilities, with the state is expecting to see substantial cost savings.  While Gov. Newsom’s budget proposal diverts that money to pay for other state programs, Republicans want to provide a secure source of funding for some of the most vulnerable people in the state.  We are calling on the Governor to support Californians with developmental disabilities and their caregivers by permanently dedicating savings from the closure of developmental centers to increase pay for service providers. 

Gov. Newsom’s first budget proposal would provide caregivers for Californians with developmental disabilities a minimal funding increase, while counting $21.6 million in “savings” from the closure of developmental centers. With a statewide surplus of more than $21 billion, there is something seriously wrong with the state’s priorities if we can’t find room in the budget to care for this vulnerable population. 

Locally based agencies caring for the developmentally disabled operate throughout the state. But due to the state’s low level of funding, these agencies are often forced to operate on a shoestring budget, which is seriously impacting their ability to continue providing care for California’s DD population.

The state’s developmental centers have been serving the needs of the Developmentally Disabled for well over 100 years. With this long history, I have joined my colleagues to support directing savings generated by the centers’ closure toward programs that continue to care for these vulnerable Californians.


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  1. Republicans are the ones pushing for stronger legislation to prevent convicted felons who abuse our most vulnerable citizens from having their criminal records expunged. Kamala Harris, a Democrat, appears to care less about our most vulnerable citizens. As with many politicans who favor protecting stakeholders from liablity after someone abuses a defenseless 90 year old, Harris is only concerned with protecting her donors who may be sued in a lawsuit after an elderly person is abused. This is NOT the kind of woman we need as President or even as a Senator. Cold. Heartless. Can’t protect us. Wont’, actually by her actions here:

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