Local Dems Vote To Call For Kevin Beiser Resignation Is Vacuous

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Yesterday, a lawsuit was filed against San Diego Unified School Board President Kevin Beiser alleging sexual harassment. The story broke in the local media all day today with three more political consultants alleging the same. Beiser categorically denied all accusations this afternoon in a statement.

62 members of the San Diego County Democratic Committee convened, less than 24 hours after the lawsuit was filed, and voted 58-4 to call for Beiser to resign his position as an elected School Board member, a member whom they endorsed for a November 2018 re-election. Dem Chair Will Rodriguez- Kennedy said, ” Our party will move quickly to ensure the safety of our members, to secure justice for survivors, and to hold accountable any public official who would seek to use their power to abuse others.

This expeditious action begets a few questions in my mind:

1- What did those members of the Democratic Central Committee know about Beiser’s behavior? When did they know it?

2- Why didn’t they call for his resignation as a middle school teacher? Are middle school students’ safety less valuable than adult political consultants?

Andy Keatts at the Voice of San Diego wrote a comprehensive story about the allegations against Beiser. The big question is, will he (or other local media) follow it up with the two question sets I posited here?

I’m not holding my breath. The teacher’s union would lose its mind if they asked those questions


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