San Diego Republicans Call For A Full Investigation Of Beiser Allegations

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SAN DIEGO — Tony Krvaric, Chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County today issued the following statement in response to the serious allegations raised against San Diego Unified School Board Trustee Kevin Beiser:

“The sheer number of, and graphic details in, the accusations against Kevin Beiser are shocking. We call for a full and immediate investigation and urge anyone with additional information to contact San Diego Police Department.”

“If any of these allegations are remotely true, Kevin Beiser is not fit to serve as a San Diego Unified School Board Trustee and should resign immediately.”

“We understand that rumors have been swirling about Kevin Beiser and his ‘pool parties’ for some time and ask San Diego Democrats if they knew about these allegations while they enthusiastically supported his re-election in 2018?”



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  1. The investigation is over. The San Diego County Democratic Party met less than 12 hours after this broke and voted 58-4 to call for Beiser’s resignation. Keep in mind that this is the same organization which endorsed him for a November 2018 election.

    12 whole hours from news story to almost unanimous vote.

    What did those 58 Democratic Committee members know about Kevin Beiser? A working and unbiased press would ask each of them that question.

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