Lincoln Club lauds court ruling on pension reform

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Guest Commentary
by Brian Pepin, Executive Director, The Lincoln Club of San Diego County

Nearly five years ago, San Diego voters overwhelmingly approved Proposition B with 66% of the vote. The intent of Prop B was to reform the city employee’s retirement plan by replacing defined benefit pension plans with 401(k)-style defined contribution plans for most new employees. Organized labor eventually challenged the law and took their case to the Public Employees Relations Board (PERB) which eventually sided with them.

After years of litigation it was announced that a three-justice panel of the Fourth District Court of Appeals unanimously overturned PERB’s ruling, thereby protecting the will of the voters and validating the citizens’ initiative process. Ultimately, what this means is that pension reform in the City of San Diego is here to stay.

From the very beginning the Lincoln Club was a leader in this effort. We believed that Prop B was critical for improving the city’s financial health and worked closely with various organizations and individuals to achieve today’s ruling. It’s safe to say that our hard work has paid off — I hope you’re as excited as I am.


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