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Sorry to be a Scrooge for San Diego sports fans on Christmas Day, but we would all do well to heed the lessons from this story in the New York Times as the San Diego Chargers discuss building a new stadium with the public’s help.

NO tax dollars should ever be used to subsidize a private enterprise. I’m a Chargers fan – who isn’t? – and I’ll be wearing my blue & gold for today’s game. But unless the Chargers are also willing to share their profits with their investors, we must stand firm as taxpayers and say NO SUBSIDIES! We can hardly afford to make the kind of mistakes made in Cincinnati, Indianapolis and Milwaukee.


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  1. Like it or not, subsidies are the cost of pro-sports teams in the 21st Century…and that’s the reality of it. The question is: what is having the Charger’s in San Diego worth? Because if you aren’t wiling to pay it, there are some fans in San Antonio, Oklahoma City, City of Industry, and others that would love to pay for the privilege of wearing blue and gold.

  2. Gayle is right. Giving away money to a private sports team is insane.

    So what, Morton, if others are fools? Plenty of people smoke crack…I guess that makes it okay for you too?


    Then maybe you can educate yourself. We already gave the Chargers well over $100 million dollars in the last decade, and in return they have spit in our faces at every opportunity.

    Now they want up to a BILLION dollars from San Diego…for a game.

    This isn’t about a stadium. It’s about basic morality. Anyone calling themselves a “christian” must be deeply offended that the Spanos family would take away money from children, the poor, the elderly, so they can make yet more profits while the city is bankrupt.

    Anyone who supports this stadium giveaway plan is not only a moron, he’s morally bankrupt.

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