Updated: Lee Burdick Must Be Removed By City Council Vote

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Update from Rostra Admin…

Given that Bob Filner COS Lee Burdick is now asking for the City Council to protect her from big, bad Jan Goldsmith, what do you think of this post from the other day?…

Posted Saturday, July 27…

In the middle of the media circus surrounding Bob Filner’s “Rehab” announcement, the media missed an important development.

On Friday, a memo from the City Attorney was delivered to the Mayor’s office revealing that Filner’s new Chief of Staff is impeding the ongoing investigations into Filner’s actions by refusing to cooperate with investigators and provide city records to the City Attorney.

If this is true, I certainly hope the City Councilmembers demand Burdick be removed from her office.

If she does not resign, the City Council should pass an ordinance stipulating that any city employee that refuses to cooperate with City Attorney investigators in this investigation shall immediately be dismissed from city employment.

The Council has significant powers with six votes. It needs to start using those powers to make it clear that Bob cannot skirt the law and should consider resigning as the noose tightens.

Here’s the memo.


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  1. Lee Burdick was hired to be Special Projects and Legal Affairs Director, which was never stated to act as a lawyer.

    In FY 2014 budget, vol. II page 366:

    “Special Projects and Legal Affairs is responsible for assisting and advising in the framing and execution of policy or matters including the integration of operations policy and public outreach. Special Projects also provides the Mayor with timely analysis and interpretation of questions involving ordinance, policy, and regulatory matters.”

    Today, Lee Burdick claims she was hired and has been serving as the Mayor’s personal lawyer….Just sayin.

  2. “Legal Affairs Director”

    “…provides the Mayor with analysis and interpretation of questions involving ordinances, policy, and regulatory matters.”

    Sure sounds like an attorney to me.

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